Wire-Guided Missile Strike
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Function Attack Power
Brief A cruise missile is targeted on the location, causing massive damage to enemy units.

Long range missiles are some of the more interesting creations of the world's military forces. The Soviets have long been acknowledged to be the leaders in such fields, and the Allies have been desperate to catch up to them. While the Soviets have simply left their missile guidance systems to gyroscopes and levels, the Allies feel that, going by German experiments with such guidance systems, the only trustworthy system is the human system.

While many in the Allied Nations felt that radio systems would be the most reliable system, actions against the radio manipulation techniques in off-the-record skirmishes with Syndicate mercenary forces had led the developers of the Mk. 1 Sagaris missile to design the system with a wire-based guidance system, in order to prevent manipulation of the missile's systems.

At first, the Soviets laughed at the concept. The Allies, rapidly moving away from many conventional systems, didn't feel that the missile would have the same power as the Soviets' own missiles. A KGB agent was ordered to observe the test, and on his return, he was nearly sent to the gulag for misleading information.

What the Allies had also decided on was that, in order to increase the destructive potential of the missile, it was to fragment on closing with the target zone. Dozens of bomblets would fan out from the missile, blanketing the area in high explosives and killing anything trapped in the kill-zone. Mercifully for the enemies of the Allies, the missile takes some time to be readied, and its relatively slow speed means a quick commander can order their interceptors to down the missile en-route to the target, if they are quick enough.

Despite these weaknesses, Peacekeeper bases are starting to be equipped with these newest systems, coveting the chance to take the enemy out from a safe distance.

Missile Strike A cruise missile is fired at the area, dispersing into multiple bomblets upon impact.
Missile Bombardment A cruise missile is fired at the area, dispersing into multiple bomblets upon impact.
Missile Annihilation A cruise missile is fired at the area, dispersing into multiple bomblets upon impact.
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