Weather Control Machine
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Building Type Offensive Superweapon
Function The storm to end all storms
Cost $2500
Construction Time Unknown
Power None
Constructs None
Dev. Status Conceptual

The Syndicate is motivated by profit. Seems obvious enough, but the Syndicate's mastery of weather control seems to run directly opposite to this. Expensive to create, expensive to operate, expensive to maintain, and expensive to use. The only possible cost effective use of this technology would be subtle manipulation of sunlight for farming, not warfare!

However, weather manipulation has several bonuses for the Syndicate. The first is plausible deniability. If the Syndicate hoarded missiles, someone would notice, and the Syndicate would be caught with their missile silos down and put out of business. With weather control, it is hard to prove the Syndicate is responsible for destroying an enemy installation, and not just a freak hurricane in the wrong season away from any body of water. As well as this, weather control is infinitely more versatile; a missile cannot block radio contact with heavy cloud cover, have heavy winds and rough seas ground enemy air and sea support, or strike planes carrying informants out of the sky, all without conclusive proof. Finally, the Syndicate can use this technology for profit when not in conflict; the majority of the Syndicate's superfarms are tended by fertiliser, hard work and orbital satellites playing god.

This building is the Syndicate's concession to those whom oppose this expensive system. This building not only links up to the weather control system, but analyses the battlefield. After a time observed, high ranking Syndicate officials will vote yay or nay on whether the weather will be profitable; and, if so, give the commander permission to pound the enemy with gales, lightning, hail and rain. In an interesting side effect, areas near this cataclysm often receive improved weather for a short time; this helps to grow food for the Sprawls which spring up wherever the Syndicate destroy their enemies.

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