Type 92 Wave-Force Tower
The Wave-Force Tower firing.
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti Tank Base Defence
Cost Unknown
Construction Time 0:04
Power 75
Ability Premature Discharge
Direct fire with less power
Constructs None
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building
Country of Origin  Japanthumb Japan
Created by  Kanegawa Industries, Kobe
Key Features  » Wave-Force particle beam generators
 » Carbon-nanotube supercapacitors (many)
 » High-efficiency hydrogen filtration system
 » Integral 3-layer polarized glare shield
 » "Karā" multistage firing indicator

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Wave-Motion Gun: The Wave-Force Tower is undoubtedly one of the most powerful energy weapons in the world, being capable of firing through multiple targets with devastating power. It is so powerful it can even attack submerged submarines.
  • Power hungry: The impressive firepower of the Wave-Force Tower does not come cheap, however. Wave-Force Towers can cost quite a mint to construct, and are very demanding in their power consumption. It does have an advantage over other defences in that it can be built anywhere thanks to the Nanocore system.
  • Airspace not denied: Another one of the weaknesses of the Wave-Force Tower is its rather glaring vulnerability to aircraft, with no way to retaliate against them, unlike the Defender-VX.
  • Capacitors charged: Apart from that, the Wave-Force Tower has a horrendously long charge up time, but is capable of circumventing this: by overriding the fire control system, the Wave-Force Tower can be set to fire prematurely, leading to a considerably less destructive attack but a quicker charge up time.


The Wave-Force Tower is an advanced form of base defense for the Empire of the Rising Sun. Its powerful cannon utilizing wave-force technology can melt almost every armor and burn infantry. But some targets require less power from the capacitors to guarantee a kill; its charge time is slow, and a fast and light vehicle can run away before being shot. So, its creators designed it to have the option to fire prematurely before it can fully charge, firing only the amount equal to how much energy was generated in the allotted time. Just like any other base defense, it can deploy on water to provide cover to water-based fortifications. Because of its complexity, a Nanotech Mainframe must be nearby to provide its Nanocores the necessary firmware to build it.

The tower has a long range and can, as with all of the Empire's buildings, be placed anywhere. Compared to the advanced base defences of other powers, the complex technology required for the operation and maintenance of a Wave Force Tower means that it takes up four times the amount of space as say, a Spectrum Tower or a Tesla Coil. However, its sheer destructive, adaptability and initial mobility as a Nanocore make more than up for this disadvantage. But like its "cousins", it is completely helpless against aerial targets.

However one main key difference that differentiates the Wave-Force Tower is that due to its stationary nature. Firstly, it has a different set of targeting arrays that allows it to hit submerged units like submarines, something that the Wave-Force Artillery cannot achieve without assistance. Also, because it does not have to move, it constantly collects and stores up particles and thus can fire the first shot directly without seemingly having to charge first.

Wave Force Tower

Cost $2000
Build Time 0:30
Health 100
Power 100
Armour Type Paper
Wave Force Cannon
Charge Up(15s), Line Fire, Knock-Back(1 Bazillion), Infantry Killer
Range 750
Damage 600
Suppression 0
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