Rejected, but not forgotten

This article (Warrior LAV), is about a unit, building or other aspect that has been cut or changed significantly in the game or lore.

Still, lore is a terrible thing to waste, so instead of deleting it, Team Paradox decided to preserve it for all to see. It is, of course, not canon, and not applicable for the game.

M6A1 Warrior Light Armoured Vehicle
(Minor) faction(s) BlueChinaLogoThumb National Revolutionary Army
Type Armoured Car
Designation Anti-Infantry, Scout
Mod Relevance Cut content
Country of Origin  United States
Trained at
 Hefei, China
Key Features  » 20mm Cannon (Rifled)
 » Internal Deployable Sensor Array
 » Slat Armour Plating
 » CV Radio (For communication)
 » Helicopter Recognition Guide (Now with pictures)

"We get reception from anywhere."

- Warrior operator

Early in the war, much of the troop movement conducted by the Red Chinese infantry was conducted along the long established Silk Trail, as any movement off its ancient roads would greatly hinder the mobility of any army. But when the Red Chinese deployed the Troop Crawler, the Blue Chinese were shocked by it's efficiency. The Troop Crawler gave Red China the ability to move its infantry in mass to exploit any breakthroughs in the defensive line. The Nationalist were pushed back and lost several key positions in the following weeks due to the improperly prepared military.

The Allies quickly intervened and sent the National Revolutionary Army thousands of surplus Jackson APCs. Upon arrival they entered service almost immediately and shortly after several deficiencies between the two became known. Jacksons were much slower than Troop Crawlers, as they were weighed down with armour, they were unarmed and vulnerable against roving Red Chinese patrols, and most importantly lacked the information necessary for a decisive interception. So, the Blue Chinese engineers decided to modify them to suit their purposes.

The loading ramp and internal seats were then removed and replaced with a deployable sensor array that served as a froward observation post for the National Revolutionary Army. Any internal space left was quickly filled to the brim with all the supplies and weaponry necessary to outlast a Red siege. A 20mm cannon was also added, which could effectively devastate infantry and light vehicles, as well as helicopters and slow moving planes. The new M6A1 Warrior LAV now serves as the Blue Chinese Outpost and is the first line of defense. The heavy armour ensures its survival in enemy territory while the radar keeps the officer of the guard informed.

National Revolutionary Army

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

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