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|origin= [[File:USAthumb.gif]] United States
|origin= [[File:USAthumb.gif]] United States
|produced= International Inc Plant #1, Chicago
|produced= International Inc Plant #1, Chicago
|feature1=» 120mm howitzer
|feature1=» 180mm howitzer
|feature2=» Flexible chassis
|feature2=» Flexible chassis
|feature3=» Military-grade hydraulics (x2)
|feature3=» Military-grade hydraulics (x2)

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Mk. 49 Vanquisher Self-Propelled Howitzer
II EnforcerVanquisherSkysweeper
The newest variant of the popular Vanquisher SPH
Minor Faction IntIncLogoThumb International Inc
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Vehicle
Designation Tactical Artillery
Production Building International Inc Warehouse
Secondary Ability Switch Direct Fire/Indirect Fire
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Heroic Upgrade Smart Shells
Dev. Status Textured
Country of Origin  USAthumb United States
Produced by/
Recovered from
 International Inc Plant #1, Chicago
Key Features  » 180mm howitzer
 » Flexible chassis
 » Military-grade hydraulics (x2)
 » Air-conditioned cabins (optional)
 » International Inc catalogue (with pictures)

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Knocking Down the Door: In direct fire mode, the Vanquisher can smash through fortifications and walls, clearing the way for friendly forces. The same shells are just as effective at punching holes in enemy armor.
  • Up and Over: It can also lob shells over said walls to destroy buildings and infantry, softening up a base for a follow up attack.
  • Just a Gun on Treads: For all it's effectiveness, the Vanquisher is still has minimal armour as an artillery system, making it easy prey if cornered.
  • Knowledge is Power: Some Vanquishers have been able to field the new Smart Shells which use a system of fins to guide shells en route to their targets for a sure fire hit.

Operational HistoryEdit

The Mk. 49 Vanquisher Self Propelled Assault Gun is the much anticipated mobile artillery from International Inc that will provide a series of fairly protected vehicles to serve a wide variety missions ranging from infantry support to a bunker buster. The Vanquisher class is a custom-built fully armoured assault gun that has evolved into a mounted gun or howitzer in a fully enclosed casemate on a adjustable base.

The use of a casemate on a moving base instead of a gun turret limited the weapons' field of fire, but provided a simpler construction that was cheaper to build and less prone to mechanical breakdowns. The increased space and reduced weight of the turretless design also allowed for the mounting of a larger weapon and heavier frontal amour on the given chassis. In most cases, these vehicles also presented a lower profile as a target for the enemy. The design allowed the Vanquisher to engage enemy armour with ease using its superior cannon to destroy enemy tanks with ease.

While in a indirect fire mode the Cannon would be lifted by hydraulics and could be adjusted by the base as needed, to accurately fire at distant targets. While released too late to serve in the last war, the amount of attention and praise International Inc is receiving for its latest products can only mean that it is a matter of time until the Vanquisher is seen in action.

International Inc Catalogue

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

Infantry Enforcer
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Structures International Inc Warehouse
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Detailed Information International Inc Shareholders

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