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  • Crystar800

    Fan Creations

    September 3, 2015 by Crystar800

    Now that we have the wiki mostly established, and people have written FanFiction here, I decided to give you guys more freedom to create.

    Our new forum for Fan Creations is now open for use!

    There are designate threads there for creating your own units, factions, weapons and even tech. Go crazy and have fun there. There's also a section for FanFiction, of course.

    I have a separate thread set out for you guys to suggest what other creation-specific threads should be made. 

    Go have fun, comrades. :D

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  • Crystar800

    So, the Original Wiki's domain has expired yet again. Until it is brought back up (if it ever is), we shall continue to work internally in order to restore this wiki to the glory the original had maintained. Now would be a good time to add catergories, upload any images you have saved, and look for grammatical edits. 

    Or have some fun. Let's write FanFiction. Write some more suggestions on the Suggestions page for old time's sake. Other than that, our work should never be done. This is a separate universe, and like the universe itself we live in, it's always expanding. I also encourage those who have ideas for FanFactions to make pages for them. Do not hesitate to do so. Make sure you give it an appropriate category of "FanFiction" and/or "…

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  • Crystar800

    General Blog

    April 25, 2015 by Crystar800

    Just want to shortly thank you guys for continuing to add pages from the old wiki here. I was going to do it all myself little by little, but things got in the way. I founded this wiki because I love reading the lore of it, and hopefully we can write our own FanFiction and Lore based on Paradox here in the future. The main priority for now is to transfer everything, so it can be preserved. So, to those who have been adding stuff, thank you for you effort. I'm sure you'll continue on with your efforts, and there's plenty more to come in the future as we work to preserve the Paradox universe.

    Let's not let this great universe die.

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