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Coldfinger´s Concept Fan Art (Gallery) Edit

All concept art shown below are done by Coldfinger and are completely unofficial. Comments are welcome.

"Gallery" Edit

Full Metal Paradox


Allied Propaganda Edit

File:CFA Propaganda Allied-1.jpg

Mediterranean Syndicate Edit

File:Unofficial Harpy.jpg

It´s my first try of concept art on paper with acrylics. Some of you have seen it all ready before the crash of the older wiki. The texture of the paper ruined it a bit, and yes they look a bit more like valkyries than harpys.

File:CFA Certaman.jpg

File:CFA Praetorian.jpg

File:CFA Paradox Fightclub.jpg

File:CFA War Wolf.jpg

File:CFA Odyssey.jpg

Order of the Talon Edit

File:Lady Maria Unofficial.jpg

It´s my third work with Photoshop; you can see the first on my modDB profile page. The second is not done yet; it will be the Syndicate Centurion. Originally I wanted to have a hawk and a pigeon in mid-flight on it to but then found out that I am terrible at birds, so this is the result. And I don´t know why but I just could not get the face to be more plastic.

File:CFA Champion Knight Errant.jpg

File:CFA PoJ CC and Alchi.jpg

Empire of the Rising Sun Edit

File:CFA Battle Psychic.jpg

File:Riyuin Captain.jpg

File:Hanzo Z Unofficial Fan Art.jpg

File:Rude Izanagi Fanart.jpg

Soviet Union Edit

File:CFA Scrap Drive1.jpg
File:CFA Scrap Drive2.jpg
File:CFA Scrap Drive3.jpg
File:CFA Propaganda War1.jpg
File:CFA Propaganda War2.jpg
File:CFA Propaganda War3.jpg
File:Soviet Tankress.jpg

File:Chemical Trooper.jpg

File:Soviet Barrage BalloonFanart.jpg

File:Tresher Battlewalker Fanart.jpg

Blue China Edit

File:CFA Vickers MG.jpg

File:CFA National Garrison.jpg

File:CFA Mastiff and Whippet.jpg

Red China Edit

File:CFA Siege Guard.jpg

File:CFA Battlemaster Tank.jpg

File:CFA Gatling Crawler.jpg

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