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Tesla Trooper: Link Up Device Edit

Link-up device. With this array of antennas and supercapacitors, the trooper can not only hit heavier but can also be charged up by a fellow Tesla Trooper like the stationary Tesla Coil base defense.

Flaming Ivan: Pyrogel Edit

Pyrogel. On their search for more effective and especially spectacular ways of immolation some crews find out about pyrogel which is relatively similar to the napalm-like filling of their regular Molotovs. But where Molotov´s mix is relatively thick and sometimes burns for up to ten minutes. Also it burns way hotter than Napalm, actually around 2000°C, thus making it suitable for fighting even MBTs.(If you search for it look at the german wikipedia article about napalm.)

Hammerhead Ballistic Submarine: Additional Launch Tubes/Torpedo TubesEdit

Additional Launch Tubes. By the time a submarine crew gets to know every bolt and screw on their ship, as well as comfortable but surplus extras. So sometimes a very practical oriented or very pyromaniac crew will replace as many of these "extras" with as many missile tubes as they can, thus doubling the number of ammunition they can carry.


Torpedo Tubes. As most submarine captains complained that their ships would be even more effective with torpedoes, Naval Command finally gave in to run a prototype programm. So some veteran vessels have been modified to carry a couple of RU-7 torpedoes.

Helios Security: Lightning RodEdit

The Helios' primary attack is changed from a zero-point energy gun to one that fires cellophane slugs, temporarily immobilizing enemies in one shot. Allows the Helios to immobilize multiple enemies.

Recon Leopard: FireportsEdit

Description: Upon reaching heroic status, the Recon Leopard gains fireports (actually, the thrill seeking Recon Peacekeepers open the doors just long enough for them to fire out of the vehicle and also so that they can feel the wind in their face). This allows the Recon Peacekeepers riding inside it to fire out of the vehicle, using the doors as shields. However, only the most experienced (and crazy) Recon Peacekeepers could think of attempting a stunt as mad as this.

Effect: Recon Leopards gain additional firepower.

Helix: Grenade LaunchersEdit

Helix assault copter-Grenade launchers-In order to prevent friendly fire from over enthusiastic new pilots, only experienced Helix crews are allowed ammo for the copters grenade launchers.

Sidewinder Advanced Wind Turbine Edit

Desc: Adds a wind turbine inside the drill, which creates a tornado when the Sidewinder unburrows. The tornado pushes infantry and vehicles away, and hits aircraft directly above the unborrow point.

Niche: Secondary buff, disruption

Maybe, they say

Dixie Personal PAWI field Edit

Dixie: Personal PAWI field: When not moving, no matter where she is, Dixie is stealthed

Piledriver Shockwave De-garrison Edit

Piledriver tank: Shockwaves: Degarrisons buildings

Confederates Combat Airforce Passiv Heroic Upgrade Edit

Chaff-Dispenser, which can distract up to 3 AA-Missiles fired a them, will be dispensed with with a 4 sec. cooldown time beetween every dispense. These Chaffs are colored red, blue and white for mocking Allied AA Units.

LEE Halftrack Bishop-AA-Mortar - improved Hydra FLAK Edit

Two additional soft launched Bishop-Anti Air (ONLY Anti-Air) Mortars, (from the Syndicate Certaman, modified with Heatseekers) mounted on the side of the Lee, one additional Barrel for each pair of Hydra 20mm to form a triagonal form each side which rotate like a Minigun as they fire, doubling the firerate. The Bishop have slightly larger Range, but are slower moving then the Hydra Flak shells. The LEE has no new flak shells, to let the LEE staying a primary AA-Unit.

Bulldog: HPV-Mole-CannonEdit

Longer Range and faster shells. These shells are also Armor-Pierciering and detonate shortly after piercing the enemy Vehicles with a secondary warhead.

Wind using Units like the Rascal - Electrical-Charged Wind Edit

Windfunnels turn darker and create violet colored thunderstrikes (to differate them from Tesla-Tech and Syndicate Weathercloud Thunder), which hit infantry and vehicles randomly with high force, with a low % change every 3 seconds of the time Sidewinder being firing.

Dixie - Two gold plated Tommy-Guns Edit

To show her Rank and allow her to attack different two targets indepently, allowing even faster killing.

Dustrunner Camouflage Edit

Camoflague when still, and Anti-Garrison Grenades

LEE Halftrack - Two additional Barrels Edit

For improved Firerate and look

Bulldog - Larger Range for Cannon Edit

Exactly what it says.

Jammer Halftrack - Directed Ranged Attack gets small AOE Edit

Exactly what it says.

Tesla Trooper Canister Gun Edit

This gun fires tesla canisters similar to those of the Perun, but triggered more easy.

Effectively gives the Tesla Trooper AoE attacks.

Natasha - Desolator Bullets Edit

Units destroyed by Natasha leave a small desolator defoliant patch.

Tesla Trooper - Short Circuit Edit

Base defenses shocked by Tesla Troopers are EMPed for a short time.

Terror Drone - Magnet Disruptor Edit

Units disabled by a Terror Drone are slowly drawn towards it

Vampire Leech Walker - Larger heal radius while firing Edit

Exactly what it says.

Shturmovik Attack Plane Cluster Bomb Edit

Add a cluster bomb to it's sweeping attack.

They’re choosing between this or rockets

Holotree Sniper - Improved holofield Edit

Can disguise like a mirage tank, not just as a tree. Makes them evn harder to find!

Tsukumogami - Perfect Duplicate Edit

One of two possibilities:

  • 1) Copies the heroic upgrade of that unit
  • 2) Disguises as that unit, for extra stealth

Imperial Warrior - Singleshot-Grenadelauncher Edit

For the Kinetik-Carbine, automaticly fires every 2 seconds, supresses Infantry (Kinetic burst, Orange colored shell), Facemask, showing their Heroic-Rank

Missile-Launching Units like Auto-Go and Striker VX - Nanocluster Missiles Edit

Every third or fourth fired Missile is a Nano-Cluster-Missiles which split into 3 Orange, Teal and Yellow colored Mini-Missiles, every Mini-Missile is as strong as a veteranlevel-1 Empire Missile

Wave-Force Artillery - Send em flying Edit

The Wave will produce so much "Thrust" (changing its color from Blue-Red to Orange while lasting longer) that it will send Vehicles and Tanks flying

King Oni - Paralysis Punch Edit

Falcon Punch which first attack will paralyze Vehicles for few attacks

Kintaro - Wave Power Bisent Edit

With a 33% Chance will send a Shockwave, inducing stuns Infantry at the area

Warrior - More Dakka Edit

More shots per Burst (but not autofire), Facemask, showing their Heroic-Rank

Engineer - Hihger Stamina Edit

No stun after run or faster secondary reloading

Shinobi - Smoke Bomb knocks enemy Infantry to the ground Edit

Exactly what it says

Auto-Go, VX-Mecha/Chopper and other Rocket using units: Vector-Jet Missiles Edit

Faster moving and slighty more powerful

Skywing - Anti-Air Kinetik-Burst Gun Edit

Adds a another autonome AA-Kinetic-Burst-Gun

Footman - Manually used AA-Gatling gun Edit

Replaces his old Vickers, light splash damage against Aircraft (He will still receive the Auto-Crossbow)

Hussar Light Track - Crossbow Bolt armed with Overheated-Warheads Edit

These damage vehicle after hitting for a short time as a burn effect

Steampowered Units - Supersteam Engines Edit

Speeding the slower Talon Units up to 100% Faster, is supplied to divine-Lvl Units ALONG with their weapon Upgrade.

Flame Using Units - Byzantine Fire Edit

Colored bright white, longer Ranged and higher Damage VS Tanks

Oil/Molten-Lead using Units - Blue colored Firestorms Edit

After setting stuff on fire. Lead slows units down and releases blobs after hitting which release additional Lead Fields

Ark Royal Carrier - Additional Bomb-Carring Drones Edit

Against Submarines, Locust Drones gain small congrieve missiles, and passive Small Armor Polarizer.

Anti-Air Rockets - Release Anti-Air Flare Clouds Edit

Upon detonation these do overtime damage for short time

Lady Maria - Her Armour deflects enemy Tank Shells and some Missiles Edit

Shells and missiles are redirected elsewhere. Her Sword releases Pyro-Energy each Strike, instantly burning even most powerful Heroines with a small AOE. When the Radiance boost is activated, she will release a huge Energy-Wave which knocks Infantry back.

Disrupter Emplacement - Fission Shells Edit

Insta kills infantry from radiation, vehicles take damage over time

Tractor Emplacement - Light Radio Gun Edit

Exactly what it says

Anything Garrisonable - More space Edit

If these can be upgraded, perhaps an extra slot for infantry?

Ambush Turret - MOAR DAKKA Edit

Exactly what it says

Teleforce - Anti Air Capabilities Edit

Exactly what it says

Graviton Tower -Additional Beam Edit

An additional Tractor beam is added to the device that can only target air allowing it to have either twice the firepower vs Air, or have minimal ground defence.

Annihilator - Planar shield enhancements Edit

Exactly what it says

Mingxia - Bullet Catch Edit

A small amount of attacks on Mingxia are caught by her, and thrown back at the enemy. Basically, a small percentage of attacks damage the attacker, not Mingxia.

Heroic Upgrades Suggestions Edit

Auxillary - Immunity Edit

The Auxillary is no longer killed by the Bonk! energy tablet.

Legionnaire - Pay Bonus Edit

Units killed by the Legionnaire give a small amount of cash.

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