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Denied Edit

Insertion PodEdit

Desc: Square metal building, which can load X number of infantry.

Weapon: None.

Secondary: Insert: The pod sinks into the ground, and drills up out of the ground at the target point. It can be destroyed before it finishes emerging, but all infantry inside unload once the drilling finishes.

Niche: Surprise Infantry Insertion

Would make more sense just to build barracks there

Freemason FreighterEdit

Info: This Freighter has different models (Syndicate/Allies/Empire Freighter Style, only visual) This "civillian" Freighter is a support ship for our Rebels. It is pimped up with a Camoflague-generator (Stop: it only stealth itself & only when still), includes also a repair crane and a Sonicweapon (this is its secondary) which kills Dolphins, Sharks and Seamines. The Weakness is that this freighter has no weapon xept this Sonicwave vs Seaanimals/Mines. Need more? It can also fires Flares (upwards from windowed containers) to divert Missiles (has a ??% chance to automaticaly fire Flares, like in Generals).

Tools: Repaircrane, Sonicrumbler vs Sealife/Mines (Submarines?), Flareguns hidden in the containers. Camoflague.

Niche: Repair, Seaanimal/Mines removing, Protection vs these Missiles

This has so many functions it doesn't have a primary purpose

Sidewinder primary suggestion Edit

Description: Sidewinders attack vehicles and buildings with both their drill and turbines.

Niche: Sidewinder primary improvement.

Already Done with the secondary

Spiral tech Units suggestion Edit

Description: Units that use Spiral metal (like the sidewinder or duster) take less damage from Fractal weaponry.

Niche it fills: Makes the Confederates less underpowered and slightly more interesting.

How the...

No Name (I know I am not creative with names Edit

Description: These men,trained and armed to accompany Minutemen,are equipped with gas-operated shotguns which provide moderate rate of fire.

Cost: 700 (give or take,but should be expensive)

Secondary Ability: Storm Position:

If targeted on ground,the unit will get a sudden speed boost and sprint to the location,immune to any suppression. If targeted on a building,the unit will charge in and kill enemy infantry inside without dieing himself.

Niche: Better close range performance than Minutemen and great un-garrison.

Mortars and Snipers already do this

Mortar Infantry ChangeEdit

Description: Instead of the mortar infantry shooting flares that show the fog of war, they should instead shoot flares that stick on to enemy units, revealing the fog of war around them as they move. The flares turn invisible after a short time, but still shows the fog of war around the units. After some more time, it falls of entirely. This allows for better ambushes. This is done through PAWI technology.

Overly complicated, not necessary, and flares don't work like that!

Sparrow TransportEdit

Description: Why reveal yourself without any way of retaliating when scouting alone? The Copter has room for two, so in addition to the 17 year old kid, a confederate soldier can hop aboard and ride until the chopper PINGs, at which point the aircraft quickly lands and unloads the soldier. Niche: Survival of lone Sparrows may be Improved

Redundant, you have the Bluejays and infantry moving at 65.


Description: After not having much luck sneakin around the Electrical Protectorate due to them being EVERYWHERE AHHHH and having possibly the most inefficient tanks in the whole galaxy, the Confederates have decided to go back to their roots and expertise and scavenge the field! Now them technics have competition for the scraps that litter the battlefield! Collecting scrap fuels the production bar and after it is completed a scrap tank is spawned!

Primary: N/a

Secondary: Build scavenger ($100)

Niche: Stealthing around the EP is possibly the most useless thing the confeds can do(rust and millions of scouts) and confeds need that little number and force to make up for their highly expensive and inefficient units against other mechanized units.


Description: either a small tow truck or an old uncle Bob person, this thing has a weak puny attack but helps collect scrap to fuel the scrapyard's need for scrap to build scrap tanks. Often caught wrestling with technics over scrap. "Goddamit it yer little pest, give me my scrap you little weasel"

Primary: A century old pistol

Secondary: N/a

Niche: Helps collect scrap for the scrapyard.

-Scrap Tank-

Description: After enough scrap is collected, a scrap tank is created! It is possibly one the weakest tank in the game barely beating a beagle in a one on one tank fest and has the health of a fully upgraded Mastiff(Scraptank not upgradeble). It literally looks like a hybrid of a beagle and a mastiff made of scrap metal.

Primary: 60mm cannon

Secondary: Scrap Scrap for everyone! Disassembles itself to heal tanks around it(a little bit).

Niche: Tanking power and a distraction for your other more valuable tanks.

They don’t know what this is

Airpad secondaryEdit

Secondary: Salvage: Salvages the aircraft on it to gain some money back

Niche: The confederates accumulate aircraft over the course of the game, and since some aircraft don't get much use after they are built, it saves money to recycle them. Also, I see no point in the confederate airpad rtb, because it is no more efficient than the other airpads. (since there is only one aircraft per airpad)

It needs its secondary to be RTB

Power Plant SecondaryEdit

Secondary: Infantry can hide in the Power Plant and jump out to ambush enemies. Also works to keep the enemy guessing on how many Infantry you are using.

Niche: Ambush/ Counter-intelligence secondary.

Its secondary will be camo netting.

Construction Truck Construct- Shrubbery Edit

Description: The Construction Truck puts up some Concealment inducing trees in an area, creating an area of cover. Easily taken down, but so inexpensive that it can be done en mass for a negligible cost.

Primary: N/A

Secondary: N/A

Niche: Gives the Confederates a reliable way of using Concealment.

Denied, enemies would just attack any shrubbery they find

Beagle added ability Edit

Give the Beagle amphibious capabilities, enabling it to serve as anti-tank amphibious assault crafts (which they lack) and improve their flanking capabilities.

Maybe pontoons, like those mounted on the amphibious M4s during D Day

Denied, Confederates are supposed to have a strict divide of land and sea

Guard Tower Edit

Description: A defensive bunker, modeled off the guard towers of prisons. it allows garrisoned troops to fire over walls.

Secondary:Evacuate Garrison

Niche it fills:Provides a variable defense that can fire over walls; and, it's a bunker. (could be used for II instead)

Unfortunatly, they’ve ran out of defense tabs

Invader Attack CraftEdit

Armament: .50 machine gun (x4) / 25mm cannon (x1)

Secondary: Switch weapons

Niche: Ammo independent close air support

Description: The Invader is an old WW2 attack plane fitted with a more modern 25mm cannon. It carries sufficient ammunition to carry out entire missions without reloading. Its .50 machines are highly effective against infantry and it can use its 25mm cannon against vehicles to great effect. It is also extremely effective at stopping giant all-in infantry rushes, which the Confederates lack a means of defending themselves against.

Flareman Edit

When Confederates started to (or at least try) weaponize every single tool they got at their hands,the signalling flaregun seemed like it was just what they needed. They soon persuaded a few marketers to supply them with Flareguns,which proved highly effective against infantry.

Description: Infantry armed with Flareguns,which have medium range and act as anti-infantry artilery. The flareguns have an AoE that ignites anything nearby but only deals the shell damage to a single target and the AoE is rather small. The secondary;

Secondary: Makes them switch to their pistols,which is useful for close combat and is actually suprisingly effective,even moreso than the ones Combat Engineers carry.

This is from TF2, denied!

Upgrade for Lee Halftrack Edit

It gains either a anti Missle Jammer and/or a single Bishop Anti-Air Mortar. The Mortar could be alternatly aquired through the Confed Weapons Upgrade.

Dragoon HorsemanEdit

Description: As many men skilled in sharpshooting rose up to join the Confederate cause to fill in the ranks of minutemen, the many farmers and herders that planned to join couldn't bear leave Old Nelly behind, so they had a great idea! They brought their horses along and formed the Union Cavalry in where they have been feared throughout the lands for their deadly and highly inefficient methods for clearing out entire infantry divisions with their powerful charge. Their fast speed and good range makes them a formidable unit but however their extreme vulnerability to bullets and anti-infantry weapons offsets their flexibility. Looks like a minuteman on the horse except with a cool hat on.

Built in the barracks.

Primary: Carrying an ancient rifle that had seen better days, ensures the Dragoon has enough firepower to not get knocked off the horse whilst firing when moving. Best used for hit and runs and harassing and weakening your enemies with a saber to slice those that has come too near to it.


An anti-tank cannon strapped onto the horse.

Secondary:*TALLY HO* An oni like charge where it routes and scatters the enemy deals approximately the same damage as in a sickle jump in where the process they gain a +85% defence against Anti-infantry projectiles but however will gain a 99.9% damage vulnerability against Anti-tank or arti projectiles. A whole horde of them charging could potentially destroy a whole squad of infantry just by charging through them.

(Optional) ON DEATH: As a dragoon being skilled in both marksmanship and cavalry riding the dragoon has the potential to get back into the thick of battle as a minuteman and maybe still retain a cool dragoon hat.

- A small chance of surviving his death at the cost of his horse but however upon spawning is stunned and critically injured and could be easily killed if caught in the middle of a battle.

Niche: Hard counter to mobs and used as a quick early harassment and what are the confeds without some cavalrymen.

Denied, the Dustrunner fills this niche


Description: The confederates saw the kirov, and they decided that the design would be useful for traps. When you build a HE-mines from the airport, they come in packs of three. HE-mines are helium powered flying explosives that travel around the air rather quickly. They are more powerful than regular mines, and explode whenever an aircraft comes near them, though their explosion affects both air and ground units. Occasionally, an HE-Mine will have a defect, because it was packed with a heating system rather than an explosive, which means it will release heat when destroyed, which does passive damage to all units near it for a long amount of time. They are stealthed while standing still. They are cheap to build once or twice, but get expensive in high numbers. Stealthed HE-mines can be detected by units near it, and by stealth detectors. Can be disarmed and destroyed by engineers like mines.

Primary: N/a

Secondary: Set trip wire - Targeted ability, targets another HE-mine - Makes a trip wire between the two HE-mines, but makes the HE-mines stationary, and the wire itself is invisible to both the enemy an you, unless anyone has any stealth detectors around, or unless someone is right under it. This tripwire can only be set of by aircraft. The tripwire can be destroyed by an engineer.

Niche Useful for setting up an Airbush.

Mobile Bunker DeployerEdit

Arnament: Positive Cover

Secondary: Deploy into Bunker/Undeploy and Ungarrison infantry

Niche: More diverse Confederate trapsetting/ Infantry support

Description: The mobile bunker deployer is a fast, vehicle that can provide positive cover for infantry in a average-sized radius around it. The positive cover it makes does not provide much of a bonus in attack, but it does provide a large defensive bonus while providing enough of a speed bonus to make infantry run at its speed.

The main use of this vehicle is to deploy into a bunker. Deploying into a bunker takes a certain amount of time, and makes the vehicle go underground and turn invisible. In this state, 4 infantry can go inside of it, but cannot fire out, immediately that is. When an enemy unit runs over this bunker, the bunker releases a small emp blast, emp'ing the unit and surrounding units. After the emp blast, the infantry inside the bunker will start to attack the enemy units, hopefully tearing them to pieces. Thanks to point-blank stealth detecting, an observant commander can start to attack the bunker, either destroying it, or forcing you to undeploy.

To escape an observant commander, you can use the vehicle's positive cover to run away from their units as fast as possible. The mobile bunker deployer is amphibious, but cannot deploy when on the water. When in bunker state, the bunker can be instantly destroyed by a mineclearer, so watch the enemy carefully.

You can also use the bunker deployer to observe the enemy, as it has a sight radius while deployed. During the time while the mobile bunker deployer is getting ready to deploy, an enemy attack will do extra damage.

They don’t like this, bye!


Arnament: Knife (Insta-Kill Infantry at very close range)

Secondary: Scavenging

Niche: Heavy garrison clearing, Neutral Building trapsetting.

Description: The Assassin is a quick anti-infantry unit that disguises itself in optical camouflage (like the thief), the Assassin can insta-kill any infantry, but only when nearly touching them. The Assassins real use comes into play when he garrisons buildings, by running into any type of garrison (even assault strikers), he will kill any infantry inside. He can also garrison the building before infantry start running in, when infantry run into a pre-assassined building, they get held hostage by the assassin and are forced to attack your enemies units. When an assassin garrisons a building, the enemy will not see any noticeable changes in the building, you can even garrison a friendly structure with an assassin to make it look unoccupied.

The Assassins' secondary allows it to go scavenging, in scavenging mode, the assassin is completely visible, but when killing infantry, the assassin will assume the infantries' weapon, the assassins' knife will be thrown away, and the assassin will be able to use their weapon while stealthed.

Denied, OP to the max!

Hurricane turretEdit

Sample: a supporting turret biased of the sidewinder

prim: blows enemy ground units back, slowing their progres and giving your other turrets/defenses more time to attack them (before they get in range or at their target)

(it could also be made to attack Heavy Aircraft and structures like the sidewinders fans, but i don't know if that will make this turret OP)

sec: creates a tornado similar to the duster under a unit, elevating him in the air for a short while (wothout doing damage), this allows confederate AA to attack it, when the unit falls from the air it gets some light damage.

Niche: supporting turret/turret squishiness

Alas, there isn’t any more room for turrets.

Banshee Dive Bomber Edit

Arnament: 6x .50 Machine Guns

Secondary: Dive bomb (Reloads at airfield)

Niche: Air to Surface Anti Infantry (Mainly large squads)

Description: Obsolete WWII dive bomber, the Confeds outfitted this single propeller driven aircraft with six high calibre machines for anti infantry work. This plane is moderately armoured but it does not fly as fast as the Hawker, hence it is rather vunerable to AA. The machine guns are highly inaccurate and tend to do moderate anti infantry damage over a large area instead of point damage like the YaK and thus have extremely high suppression power. This makes the Banshee weaker against single or well spread out targets than the YaK, but better against large clumped up groups of infantry. Additionally, this means that the Banshee cannot shoot at air targets. The Banshee has sufficient ammo to go on extended trips and does not need to worry about reloading its guns. The secondary ability enables the Banshee to dive bomb a target with a sesmic bomb. The bomb does moderate damage to tanks and stuns infantry for a while in a decent AoE, but does laughable damage to light vehicles and almost no damage to military structures (the sesmic bomb is too weak to shake the steel reinforced walls of tough military structures), however it does do considerable damage to civillian and tech structures. Additionally, the bomb can force infantry out of garrisons and stuns them for a short while. The Banshee only carries one bomb per trip and has to return to base to rearm its bomb.

Denied, the Rascal protocol does this.

The Quick hitter Edit

Description: A hit and run tank, the quick hitter runs at racing speeds towards and enemy and at medium range launches four very slow explosive bullets at them. Just like a hit-and-run aircraft it has limited ammo, and to reload, it has to go to the service pad, or can reload at an airpad. Also, even if the bullets take a 2-3 seconds to get there, the tank can still move before the bullets reach the target. Unlike aircraft, the quad cannon gets released from wherever it is reloading as soon as it has full ammo.

Weapon: Quad-Cannon - four cannons mounted on the front and sides of the quick hitter - makes the tank weaker to frontal attacks than flanking

Secondary - Return to Base - The quick hitter sprouts hastily made wings and a makeshift pawi generator (big enough to only cloak itself), and flies back to the service pad or airpad at a very quick speed, you cannot interrupt this process.

Niche - The confederate way of dealing with undefended buildings, slow base defenses, or it can be used to distract the enemy, and even lead them into a trap.

Denied, the Dustrunner fills this niche.

Sheriff Edit

Description: a sheriff on a horse armed with a slow firing rifle but a pretty long. He is very fast and capable of only attacking infantry.

Secondary: Wanted Criminal - the sheriff uses a lasso on a targeted enemy infantry which will pulls him towards the sheriff and when he contacts the sheriff, he will disappear and the sheriff earns a reward (maybe $75 per infantry). However, the sheriff cannot attack or move when reeling in the catch and the secondary cannot be cancelled so the sheriff will be a sitting duck. Use caution when using the secondary. Sheriffs cost around $600 and can be one-shot-killed by snipers.

Niche: It is a fast infantry harasser that can turn careless infantry into bounty.

This is way too wacky western

Salvage Truck Edit

Description: Basically a truck loaded with salvage equipment, the Salvage Truck can restore wrecked vehicles back to working order with a team of mechanics... but of course, they're not exactly meant to last.

Weapon(s): None

Secondary: Salvage. Spawns Rigged Tanks from vehicle wrecks lying nearby. They look like Mastiffs, do about as much damage as a Beagle, but move slower. They can be taken back to a Confederate base to be converted into real Mastiffs for about half the price of a real Mastiff.

Niche it fills: Salvager... yeah. Could also fool enemies into thinking you're going to rush them with real Mastiffs since the Rigged Tanks look like Mastiffs.

They have something planned already

Bluejay machine gun Edit

Arnament: Machine gun

Niche: Anti Infantry aircraft

Description: Exactly what it says, maybe you could even give it radar invisibility when heroic, then it would be the Nighthawk of RA2 ^.^ .

Shockwave Militia Edit

Description: Infantry armed with a personal seismic device- they deploy like Heavy Defenders and deal splash damage to vehicles and structures when deployed. They are uncrushable by things that cannot crush vehicles when deployed.

Weapon: Personal Seismic "Hammer" device.

Secondary: Deploy/ Pack up.

Niche: Anti-vehicle infantry- support for Minutemen and meant for use with the Jackson APC to flank with them.

Bloodhound Scrap Truck Edit

Description: An unusual combination of an armored car and pickup truck, this unit can transform into and disguise as a weaker version of any land vehicle. It can automaticlly disguise as friendly vehicles, and thanks to this, it can be used to produce (weak) versions of other faction's vehicles.

Weapon(s): Small cannon initially, and then whatever it picks up.

Secondary: Salvage/Revert (Can pick up the destroyed hulls of enemy vehicles and arm itself with it, essentially turning it into a much weaker version of the vehicle in question, it also nets a small amount of credits. It can also use this to go back into the original truck.)

Denied, a coding and modeling nightmare!

PIT-Bull Excavator Edit

Description: A simple excavator vehicle, it does what it was originally made for: digging.

Weapon(s): Unarmed.

Secondary: Dig (Digs a fairly large hole in the ground, which is stealthed and can be found, but indestructable, it goes away after a while. When a vehicle passes over it, it becomes trapped in the pit for a limited time, buying precious time if it's a larger unit, or forces the enemy commander to spend time manuevering his units around it, buying time to escape.

Niche it fills: Distraction/Stalling

Denied, why not just use mines?

Attack Gators Edit

Description: Alligators from the swamps of America equipped with light-weight fiber optic camouflage armor. They move somewhat slowly on land but at a medium speed on water. Their natural ambush instincts allow them good use of the camouflage.

Weapon: Bite.

Secondary: Ambush. The Gators become invisible and immobile, but gain a speed boost when coming out of it.

Niche it fills: Ambush enemy Infantry and aquatic animals with Gators that are far more resilient to attack than War Bears, albeit their slow speed forces them to ambush. Their natural counters are scouts, particularly ones that can stun other animals. Helps Confederates deal with Infantry early. The enemy Infantry will be terrified to ever leave the base without scouts due to fear of Gator attack.

No. No! NO!

DD Amphibious TankEdit

Description: After several skirmishes the confederates realized that the predictability of their raids often cost them a battle and so the DD Amphibious Tank was introduced to harass enemies.

Weapon: Does a fast explosive flak like damage that is effective against light armored vehicles and reasonable damage to buildings

Secondary: Gives the omni-lander a defense and speed bonus?

Niche it fills: Anamphibious unit to the Confeds and gives more reason to use amphibious attacks and harassments from the sea by giving the omni-lander a buff? and would at least give other factions a initiative to defend the seas from an amphibious Confed attack.

Denied, Confederates are supposed to be divided between land and sea

Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Edit

Description: A highly mobile tracked rocket artillery unit, the MLRS can harass enemy bases or formations of troops from afar, and then scoot before enemy units close in on its position. This particular version has been modified to be able to carry ground-to-air missiles to protect itself from aerial threats, although both ammunition types still take a long time to reload.

Weapon(s): Indirect fire rocket launcher, 12-round salvo. Uses rockets with armour-piercing submunitions for a very wide AoE, though not as powerful as the M100 and more effective against vehicles. Very long reload time and must stop to fire.

Secondary: Switch to AA missiles, especially useful against Kirovs and other heavy aircraft. Still fires in 12-round salvos.

Niche it fills: Hit-and-run rocket artillery/anti-air.

Inspiration: Real-life vehicle of the same name.

Denied, broke the rules. You even pointed out that you did in your last sentence!

Frigate/Pelican Hero Upgrade Edit

Description: A Replacement for the slower Pelican, the Flying Flapjack carries the same amount of Dept charges, with faster speed.

More Lore: During the last war, Some Aircraft Designers were concerned with the fact that Airbases for full runway aircraft would be bombed. Many devised a way around this. The Winner was the Hawker, though it's major rival the XFW-5 "Flying Pancake" was remodeled into a fine civilian Plane with no Runway needed.

Weapons: Same as Pelican, Dept Charges

Secondary: Land on Frigate

Niche: Why should the Pelican be left out of the Heroic Upgrade list?

"Possum" Composite Vehicle Edit

Description: An armored pickup truck, possibly modified to be a halftrack. Light armor, but can disguise as any friendly vehicle.

Weapons: A machine gun in the back and a missile pod strapped to the cab.

Secondary: Play Possum, a variant of that "Feign Death" secondary you got on the last Paradoxcast. You toggle on the "dead" mode, and its disguise dies, leaving the Possum cloaked. Toggle to "live" mode, and the Possum bursts out of the wreckage, losing the disguise but getting an attack boost, similar to the Hawker's secondary.

Niche: Anti-Ground ambush unit

Rattler Tank DestroyerEdit

Primary: Stealth Tank Destroyer Secondary: Disguise Niche: Alternate Sneaky Tank Destroyer

Description: A Rattler to the Bulldog is a bit like the Beagle to the Mastiff, but they do not really work together and instead do the same thing in different ways. The Rattler is a fast tank destroyer that fires in high-damage bursts and cannot take much punishment, but it can disguise as any other vehicle to trick vulnerable vehicles into coming near.

This thing loses vs anti-vehicle anything in a fair fight, but the point of it is to make them think their Bullfrog is near a Jackson instead of a Rattler and things like that- so they always have to be wary of a non-anti-vehicle vehicle turning out to be a Rattler.

Fake mcvEdit

sample: it looks like a confederate mcv, but what is it actually?

prim: disguised as a confedarete mcv, has the same health and moves at the same speed. (not OP since conf MCV has low health but high speed)

sec: uncloacks, revealing a old base-defense cannon jacked onto the back of an mcv (look a like) truck, this thing fires untill it's ammo is up (10 rounds), after wich it has to resupply at a service pad.

when the cannon is just activated, it gains a damage and rate of fire boost in a style similar to the hawker

it can also cloack back by putting the cover over the cannon again

niche: special augment conf chaos tactics, the vechile doesn't come up on the radar and the turret can do some good damage against medium or lower armor when just uncloacked, but it is practicaly useless when the buf is over.

this should be relatively easy to model, just put your turret under the mcv cap.

Confederate Mechanic Secondary Proposal Edit

The current secondary is a claymore mine, which is useless, since a minelayer does it faster. Instead, im proposing something that is both a pun, and serves a similar anti inf role. A sentry gun. Completely cloaked, it costs a small amount and needs a slight build time and will automatically decloak with a characteristic beep and open fire on any infantry that walks by (and ignores tanks, make it unable to attack tanks if the prior is uncodable) Secondary will upgrade it, which takes some time and $. There are 3 levels.

1: Single .30 machine gun ($400) (Used against basic T1 infantry)

2: Twin .30 Gattlings ($200) (Ok against Tier 2 infantry)

3: Twin .30 Gattlings and AP rockets (will auto acquire vehicles, but not tanks in this mode)(Commando killer) ($400)

These semi-permanent turrets are crushable and vunerable to AT rounds more than AP rounds.

I got the idea from the quote, which implied that the mechanic had a turret, see the page on the Mechanic.

Fake GarrisonEdit

Niche: garrison

effectively the same as any other fake structure but with more health and can load infantry in. Secondary boots infantry.

Lynx Artilery Helicopter Edit

Arnament: Dual 55mm cannons

Secondary: Deploy/Take off

Niche: Fast moving artilery for guerilla ambushes. M-100s are base razers, they cant exactly be used to hit turret defended expansions

Description: The M100s can be too slow for the Confederate's liking, so if they need artilery in a jiffy, they call on the Lynx. Flying at moderate speeds, it takes about 5 to 6 seconds to deploy and can shoot 55mm shells at a decent rate of fire downrange. However, it needs to reload at an airpad and lacks the punching power of the M100, it will take about 4 or 5 volleys to take out a light turret. The Lynx can pack up and take off in a jiffy though and can be cloaked by a PAWI field when on the ground.


sample: an old sub reequiped with optical camouflage and a ramming prow to effectively deal with close-packed groups of ships

prim: it uses a ramming attack wich causes it to ggo through several enemy ships, delivering medium damage, and doing extra damage when hitting from behind.

sec: fakes the sub's own death while actually just diving underwater (it can also not be attacked after this unless a scout is in the area) (otherwise experienced commanders will just figure out it used it's secondary)

niche: you can only stealth the patrol boat if you can't get PAWI trucks, and the conf don't have something to deal with tight-packed ship community's

besides, the quotes would be awesome (i think)

Sesmic Detection Tower Edit

Primary: None Secondary: None Niche: Cloak and Disguise detection

Description: The Sesmic detection tower was hurried into service after a disaster in Central Canada. An Allied Spy was able to sneak into the base and bribe their entire squadron of Mastiff Tanks, resulting in total and complete destruction of their base. This building is capable of detecting cloaked and disguised units, it can also detect moving land units over an incredibly large radius (by revealing the area around them slightly, like what happens when a bombardment ship attacks you.) Build it near an enemy base to monitor his operations, or simply leave it behind a gate and watch as the imperial transports drive to their deaths. (It cannot detected cloaked units beyond normal visual range, and if you can code it, stationary units do not set it off either)

This is the only confederate building that cannot be concealed in a PAWI array as it cannot risk interference from an alternate dimension from disrupting its readings.

Denied, would completely defeat the point of stealth

Seafaring Patriot Edit

"Hey, Dreadnought! Where's the red? I only see yellow!" -infamous quote from Harris McDonald

Description: Making fun of the Dreadnoughts are these guys. They swim, and C4 enemy vehicles and structures. Since Dixie can't blow up stuff, these guys take her place as a base razer.

Weapon(s): Machine Gun that is best as a last resort against infantry. C4s.

Secondary: Burrows in the ground. This allows him to ambush enemy vehicles.

"Wait... it's... it's... red...? wait... RED! HELP! I'M DYING HERE!" -the last words of Elvis Lee

Niche it fills: What Dixie can't do, base razing, like what commandos normally do. With the exception of Mingxia, Dixie and MAYBE Lady Maria, all the commandos can raze bases. The Patriots are slightly cheaper (at $1800) but have worse armour than Dixie, and can't waste infantry as easily as a Peacekeeper. Oh, he blows up tanks like Tanya does. Guess who he's inspired by.

Denied, they’d raze the enemy’s bases at the start of the game.

Mr. Quake (please help find better name)Edit

sample: using the small seismic tool you described in lore (the thing Tesla used to destroy his own home) these infanrty can raze bases, but they destroy by infiltrating the building and then destroying it, so you can only use them 1 time. (balancing reasons)

(they cannot blow up armor! they are made specifically for structures!)

these gus rely on optic camouflage to remain unseen.

prim: plants a seismic tool in a building, destroying it within the same time as tanya blows something up. (building doesn't glow red, to make the shock a little bit bigger.)

sec: uses a fake beacon for support powers, has loooong reload (because this is already a support power.)

Niche: same as the seafaring patriot above, but then a little bit less OP, (and maybe some more conf-style)

Denied, Confederates don’t get base razers

Tiraconda Missile ShipEdit

Arnament: Indirect fire "Sparrow" Missiles (Think of missiles on AEGIS cruisers)

Secondary: Switch between normal fire and barrage modes.

Niche: Amphibious assault vessel (They have such a superb navy and yet doesnt have a decent amphibious vessel!?), naval ambush vessel, hit and run ship.

Description: A ship with a bridge that is at the rear of the ship. The entire front of the ship is a large missile silo complex. The missile silos are able to fire in barrages of missiles one at a time or 3 at once, at the cost of RoF as this takes four times the time it takes to reload than one missile. The missiles are homing to a certain extent, able to devastate tanks while fast vehicles like terror drones and Auto Gos and dodge them completely. This ship is cloaked when not moving but it is ever the so slightly visible, think Shinobi+smoke bomb, so a sharp commander can force fire on the ship (hard to cloak something that big). It has wheels for amphibious movement, which makes it faster than its assault destroyer cousin, although it is a lot frailer. This ship is non artilery. This ship cannot attack air as its missiles are not designed to hit high altitude craft.

Denied, very overpowered

Buffalo Defense PostEdit

Description:A small, fast unit, that, deploys into a 1 square structure. It would provide a 3x3 (or 5x5?) defense structure build radius. It itself when deployed would be armed with a machine gun and a small radius PAWI array. cannot undeploy. Would be good for Gorrila Turtles, err.. I mean Guerrilla turtlers. Hit and run ( more like hit and sit) tacticians. Honestly, it would be good for balance purposes. In case a confederate commander's initial push gets repelled, it would provide a good rally point to regroup.

Denied off the bat, did not follow format

Carriage Edit

Description: An unarmed, lightly armored, Radar masked, light-transport aircraft used by the Confederates to transport 3 infantrymen faster then the Bluejay, although it requires an Airpad. Its Radar masking equipment prevents to from being detected by Radar.

Weapon(s): None.

Secondary: Parachute then Return to Base.

Niche it fills: A fast Confederate airplane that can quickly transport 3 infantrymen faster then the Bluejay.

Construction truck special ability Edit

Description: In case the scaffolding build system is assigned to the confederacy, the construction truck should be for base exspansion (like the allied prospector and soviet sputnik).

Weapon(s): N/A

Secondary: N/A

Niche it fills: Confederate exspansion vehicle

Liberty Bomber Edit

Description: An incredibly fast (About 2/3 of a Vindicators Return to Base), unarmored, Optical Camouflage equipped, seismic bomber. Its Optical Camouflage prevents units from automatically attacking it

Weapon(s): One seismic bomb that does no damage to infantry, light damage to vehicles, medium damage to ships, and heavy damage to buildings, the bomb will create a shockwave that slows down ships and vehicles and suppresses infantry, or a special bomb that you change between at the Airpad that blocks all commutations from going into a small area around itself and in doing so all units who go into the field will not respond to any commands, the bomb will only function for a short time though. The bomb can be shot down or destroyed when it lands and is also highly visible.

Secondary: Change between the two bombs at an Airpad.

Niche it fills: An Confederate anti-structure bomber.

Drummer Boy Edit

Description: One of the youngest members of the confederacy, these units buff and heal nearby friendly infantry. Has no effect on vehicles. Based on real life drummer boys in the real life Civil War.

Weapon(s): Snare drum, two drumsticks.

Secondary: The drummer boy plays the drum louder, this increases the area of effectivness, but decreases the rate infantry are healed and buffs them less.

Niche it fills: light early game infantry healer.

Denied, this isn’t the 19th century

Corvette Edit

Description: The Corvette is a medium anti-naval unit.

Weapon(s): 100mm anti ship cannon x2 (slow firing)and deapth charge launcher also x2

Secondary: switch primary weapons to secondary deapth chrge

Niche it fills: meduim anti-naval unit (similar in operations as Riptides and Yari Mini Subs)

Denied, this is the Destroyer

Scrambler Tower Edit

Description: Building that disables stealthed units to be detected in a somewhat small area, but are visible from far away. Use them to keep pesky Scouts from revealing your stealthed units, or just to bluff your enemy. They cannot be cloaked. They cost 300.

Weapon: Sensor jammer. (Scent, anti-Burst Drone sensor jamer.)

Niche: Anti-scout building.

Denied, overpowered


sample: basicly an american trailer truck with a modified trailer

weapon; anti armor turret and anti air/anti infantry gattling turret, both mounted on trailer.

sec; detatch trailer to gain speed boost, must attatch new trailer at service pad. (trailer self-destructs)

niche: special unit: the truck is a very special unit because the flank bonusses are turned around, the front of the truck (the real truck)is nearly unarmored and the turrets cannot target anything in front of the truck. the trailer however, is very armoured and the turrets can shoot at anything at the sides or behind the truck. if the real truck explodes, the trailer automaticly goes with it.

niche; helps in retreats cons: as strong as other confederate tanks, ample turning

Denied, this is the Lee

PAWI Longtail Helicopter Edit

Arnament: Single machine gun

Secondary: Switch between cloaking and machine gun modes

Niche: High mobility stealth generator/ Infantry pursuit

Desciption: The Longtail helicopter is a modification of the Bell Huey. With the PAWI generators attached to its tail, its tail is exceptionally long, thus giving it the nickname longtail. However, the Longtail is very effective, both at shredding unsupported peacekeeper formations and at keeping both Confederate ships and tanks cloaked. However, due to the difficulty of mounting a power generator on a helicopter, the Longtail has a smaller cloaking radius and can only cloak when completely stationary or the power drain from the jets and the PAWI generator could completely overload the simple diesel engine aboard the helicopter. (This helicopter is low flying and can hide under a PAWI field like the longbow MKI. It is slightly slower than the MKI)

Denied, this would make the air force overpowered

Subterranean Command vehicleEdit

Niche: Assassination Mode Target

Armament: massive drills on the front that grind enemy units in front of it

Secondary: burrow for a limited time to escape most attacks (burrowing up again damages all that are on top of it friend or foe)

Description: A subterranian unit with an incredibly advanced communications and control suite inside it. When the time comes for a commander to appear and lead from the front, this vechile burrows up from underground and moves along. With its large drills, it can grind enemy units that get to close (think the apoc tank's grinders on steroids).

Based off the Montauk Command vehicle from Tiberian Sun and the deployment mechanic for nod crawlers

Denied, the Confederates already have a command vehicle

secondery suggestionEdit

for pelican: play ride of the valkries for speed and fire rate boost for nearby units, and for awesomeness.

Pelican is now part of the Frigate

Liberator (Name is W.I.P.) Edit

Description: An old WWII biplane fitted with modern composites, Optical camouflage and a swivel mounted machine gun by the back seat; it can transport one unit in the second cockpit and two other units on its wings quicker then the Bluejay Transport.

Weapon(s): A light machine only useful against infantry and light vehicles when not garrisoned, when garrisoned with one unit it can attack aircraft on it's tail with a heavy machine gun (could use the Multigunner code for that) and the two extra units can shoot out normally.

Secondary: Parachute the three units out.

Niche it fills: An anti-infantry biplane that can be used as a cheaper alternative to the Hawker (with a unit garrisoned) that can quickly transport infantry.

Phase Transport or Ghost Transport Edit

Description: Based on the old RA1 Phase Transport, like the Imperial Sudden Transport it could take infantry behind enemy lines with it's optical camouflage instead of looking like other vehicles. For balance reasons it could only camouflage for a period of time, or maybe only if passengers are inside (just if this is not so hard to code).

Weapon(s): None

Secondary: Increment the phase transports speed in change of its optical camouflage. Or maybe camouflage all the time but sacrificing health.

Niche it fills: High Tech troop transport, the Jackson APC has no weapon when not heroic, yes its very tough but since the Rebs have guerrilla kind of tactics it could work like that.

Denied, you could just use a Jackson and a PAWI

Radar Jammer Hovercraft (No its not another jammer truck) Edit

Cost: $600

Built from: Shipyard

In the begining, PAWI technology was all the Confederates needed. However, it had three very major drawbacks. 1) It was expensive, 2) The allies had too many attack dogs and 3) The PAWI trucks could not be used to support their naval vessels, leaving them vunerable to attacks by allied aircraft carriers and icebreakers.

The solution came when a confederate scientist trying to develop a smaller more portable version to mount on the new hovercrafts they got from their supporters in Florida. The PAWI generator failed on all accounts, it was unable to cloak itself, let alone any units around it. Further research showed that the smaller PAWI generator was too weak to bend light waves. However, it was discovered that it could bend radio waves, thus making the units Radar invisible. This effect also made it impossible for enemy commanders to realise their troops were there unless they unwittingly pointed their satelite at the target. This radar invisibility also made it next to impossible for the EVA to warn commanders of enemy troops (aka no enemy units detected warning).

Original prototypes worked well, one even was able to help Dixie to remain undercover as she boarded an Alert Icebreaker. The Icebreaker has since been decommisioned. Very soon, bright hovercraft pilots realised that by focusing their field and pointing it at an enemy, they could literally make the target radar blind (only works for aircraft, ships, tanks and even buildings such as defensive structures), thus reducing its LoS significantly (but not to zero).

Did not read the rules.


A cheaper alterative to Minutemen made up from patriotic citizens that wish to some day be trained as Minutemen but until then are given basic training, light armor, optical camouflage, and a M1 Garand rifle. They have the longest range of any basic infantry (excluding Legionaries) but also has a low rate of fire and minimal armor; their optical camouflage prevents enemies’ automatically firing on them. Their special ability Take Cover automatically suppresses themselves and are invisible when not moving or firing but while in this mode their rate of fire is decreased. They are to be used as a cheaper alterative to Minutemen and also in ambushes.

Denied, this is exactly what Minutemen are in the lore!

CH-47 Chinook Cargo Transport HelicopterEdit

With the allies introduction of the carryall, which could carry over 15,000 tonnes of aircraft carrier, the CH-47, which could barely manage a measly 100 tonnes, was left to rust in the boneyard. The Confederates, having limited men and equipment, had to find a way of rapidly transporting their light tanks into ambush and flanking positions without having to cross miles of Allied occupied grounds. Their solution came when they found the CH-47, a helicopter capable of carrying even their heaviest tanks. Its spacy interior is capable of carrying up to eight infantry or two tanks inside it. And fireports allow infantry inside to rain hell down on unsuspecting enemy tanks. However, the Chinook sacrifices armor for speed and pure carrying power and is thus unable to sustain fire for long.

Denied, the Bluejay does this already.


hit and run infantry(?) on a harley designed to quickly eliminate infantry opposition, armed with (some sort of anti troop weapon, maybe machine pistol?). Secondary gives it anti tank and air capabilities (RPG), at the price of no movement. (also, enemies maybe debuff when facing groups of three or more?)


An Confederate defensive Structure which only holds one infantry unit, instead of it having a Health Bar like other garrisons it instead gives the infantry inside a 75% defensive boost, regular ranged garrison clearing attacks will still work the same against it. It is camouflaged up to half of the enemy's sight range, where it can be seen and targeted but enemy units will not automatically target it until 25% of the enemy unit's sight range, also the unit in the Fox-hole sight is halved to stop it from being a look out post. When the Foxhole is empty it can be destroyed.

Rejected, its bundle of things that look uncodable

Confederate Naval LaunchEdit

During the first two Great World Wars, there was innumerable amounts of aircraft activity in the oceans surrounding Allied Countries. And not just enemy planes were shot down on a day-to-day basis. Hawkers were hit harder than most. So, many Allied citizens volunteered for service in the Naval Launches, and vowed to save as many downed pilots as possible. Despite their obvious role as rescue craft, they're also a major threat to enemy aircraft. Three machine guns, stationed at tips of a triangle of the boat, scour the skies to take down enemy YaKs that are daring enough to come within range, but are also a threat to small naval vessels due to their maneuverability. After some salvageable ones were found, they were modified to perfectly compliment other Confederate vessels, due to the fact that they can deploy Boom Nets for crews cast overboard to get onto, but, although not recommended, these Boom Nets can be used to ensnare light units, such as Dogs, Dolphins (To the Dismay of Confederate Environmentalists), and swimming infantry such as Allied Spies. Chronohawk 14:05, 20 March 2010 (UTC)

Neat idea, but couldn’t find a niche for it.

Chuck NorrisEdit

cost:$9,001 bucks

Chuck's primary attack has him use a hydrogen bomb by blinking. secondary has him use a roundhouse kick which has the power of 1,000,000,000 neutron bombs. He has no heroic because he is automatically Divine. I can already say no to that one. Also, keep the suggestions SERIOUS (as much as Red Alert allows). Chuck Norris is NOT serious enough.

Mole Evacuation APCEdit

Support vehicle- Underground Transport. Cost: 500

True to its name, this vehicle's purpose is to evacuate Confederate Infantry. (Never let Dixie or an expensive Minuteman die needlessly!) While above ground, its secondary burrows it into the ground, where it is invisible to radar and only detectable by Scouts. It can move while underground and has a high armor bonus. Its secondary when underground causes it to surface, but it takes awhile to surface, exposing it to enemy fire. However, it can load in Infantry while underground without having to surface by opening up a tunnel that leads to an open hatch on the Mole, so Infantry can jump in one-by-one (takes each one a bit of time to jump) to safety. It can also load Infantry when below ground if need be, but it can only unload them by surfacing.

This might also work as a tweak to the Sidewinder.

Boulder BreakerEdit

Tier 2-3 Siege Vehicle.

A large truck/tank vehicle armed with a large pair of drills at the front, which are highly effective against buildings and walls, and even any tanks foolish enough to get in the way (like the grinder tank from Uprising, I guess). The tank's size and the amount of energy used to power the drills makes this vehicle very slow, stopping it from being effective on it's own. However, to make up for the lack of speed, this vehicle has very heavy armour, which can shrug off most tank shells and other projectiles with ease. It's job on the field is basically to be large and intimidating; distracting your opponent from your stealth units, though it can be used well by using your stealth units to mess up the enemy defences as the large truck slowly rolls into the enemy base. It's secondary makes it dump it's drills for a moderate speed boost in case it gets into a lot of trouble and needs to retreat, but it can only get it's drills back from a vehicle warehouse. This vehicle was inspired by the Chrome Crusher mining vehicle from LEGO's Rock Raiders series, of all things.

Remote Toy-TankEdit

Tier 1 non-combat vehicle. Cost- 50. Amphibious.

Basically a Remote Car that can disguise- but that is about all it can do. Its intended role is to keep enemies guessing on the strength and the make-up of your force at a cheap price- your enemy may think you have Mastiffs and Beagles when in reality you are being led into a Lee and Bulldog Ambush. Secondary powers it down to conserve Battery life, albeit it can still maintain its disguise and it gains line-of-sight. The Remote Car could also be tweaked into this.

(Imagine the hilarity of Tanks running from an army of toy cars- and you will know why I suggested this.)

This originated as a remote-controlled toy with the appearance of a Guardian Tank and several other Allied vehicles- but the resemblance gave the crafty Confederates some ideas. Unlike the Remote Car, it uses a miniture PAWI generator that it can use to disguise itself as any unit- it can even make it appear as though a plane is flying overhead by aiming its PAWI Generator up. Its secondary powers it down temporarily so that it can conserve battery life when Dixie or a Mechanic is not around. However, it has line of sight when powered down.

Demo dogEdit

A confederate Doberman with explosives strapped on to it making it a sneaky suicide unit to vehicles and infantry however many confedrates comdem this as extreme animal cruelty due to the fact many confedrates are animal enthusiats

Maus tankEdit

A secret german tank designed to spearhead the assualt on moscow in the 2nd war it was slow,bulky and its realod time was horrible 1 shell took 5+ minutes to reload but it greatly compensateted this by having immense armour and firepower unfortunately only they did not make to the assualt and only 100 were ever build they were thrown into the amercian deserts to rot until the confedrates found and restored them though they loathe sending them into battle due to their number they urge commanders to be careful with them

source with pic http //

Missile BuggyEdit

Pickup trucks armed with multiturret improvised RPG launchers. These RPGs are actually equipped with a limited guidance system that allows them to keep tracking even when small manuevers are made but they can't follow aircraft. They have the range of a MBT and they can go at super speeds,making them a great hit n run weapon. Secondary ability Disappear allows them to stealth for 3 seconds.

Anti-Tank GunEdit

Medium sized anti-tank gun,lefted to rust by Allies but has been modernized by Confederates. The modernizations include an unmanned targeting system,autoloader and a rather unique shape which looks like a gun with a driver's cabin. They are not good as the Husky artilery and are only good against tanks,these fast-movers lay down anti-tank fire at long ranges. Secondary ability detonates the vehicle,creating a small scale explosion.

Monster TruckEdit

Fast superheavy with low armour and no weapons. Secondary ability (toggle) damgages nearby units and the monster truck, and gives a speed boost.

Ground PounderEdit

An infantry unit that is stealthed while not attacking. Not amphibious. Uses seismic technology to deal damage to buildings from long range over time. (Require deploying first for balance?)

Stealth BomberEdit

Upgraded from an abandoned German project, the fiber optic cables on the bottoms of these aircraft make it so that surface targets must be much closer to them than normal to spot them. Drops a massive version of a Flashbang Grenade to briefly stun enemy targets. Secondary is Return to Base. (I am trying to think of some way that the Confederates could get a Stealth Bomber without it being redundant. Plus the idea of a Stealth Bomber with spray paint and graffiti on top sounds awesome.)Denied, main weapon is too weak to work

Tunnel ClubEdit

this old dusty saloon is where tunnel rat teams and sidewinders'pilots go when their shifts end, to have a beer, a whiskey or play a match of Texas Hold'em Poker or have a discussion about which rock is easier to excavate. Unknown to the allied this buliding is also the HQ of every underground (litterally) operation that confederate takes. Five infantry units can enter the building,as secondary they can exit by an ad hoc tunnel everywhere on the map (an ambush pratically!!), the recharge time is actually very long in order to give time to the rat teams to create other tunnels (2 min or more). The tunnels created do not last because enemies could follow them back to the Saloon jeopadizing the whole base.(the tunnels created are not structures, just a graphical effect to explain the ambush).(katmoda12)waiting for opinion/rewiew Denied to difficult to code

Stalker Submersible Aircraft CarrierEdit

This vehicles remind the WW2 german U-boat and it is capable of carry two types of small aircrafts. In "Recon" submersed primary mode it is capable of lauch a fixed number (2 or 3) of small recon planes before to rearm.They are launched underwater with the help of watersprout technology, after they emerge above the water they release the wings thanks to a coilspring in a similar fashion of the photo at this [http // // // &tbnh=81&tbnw=129&prev=/images%3Fq%3DArado%2BAr%2B231%26hl%3Dit%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1 link].they became indipent units.Disadvantages are very long time between two launches, and the fact that the submarine cannot fire torpedoes. In Secondary "Spotter" mode,the submarine comes out of the water and from the back release a small one-person gyroglider towed to the vessel(it is not a sub unit,you may see a WW2 concept [http // here] and a photo [http // here].) that increase by five times the sight range of the submarine.In this mode the submarine can fire torpedoes at very long range (since the enemies are spotted by the gyroglider), can have a damage bonus or not.Disanvantages are that the sub cannot stay submersed while in this mode and is pratically a surface ship===Sub unit No name for now===,it is a simple recon plane launched by the sub in primary mode similar to [http // this].If the team doesn't like to make a new unit,it can be also be replaced by the Duster Plane since they are similar. (katmoda12)waiting for opinion/rewiew Denied, good idea but doesn't do anything special.

Storm ChaserEdit

Fast unit, lays tornado mines. Denied, basically the Ranger without a gun.


Wide vision reveal, can reveal targetted area too. Denied, the Radar Dome reveals areas and we already have scouts.

Attack Bike (Name is WIP!)Edit

Fast attack unit equipped with Sticky Bombs. When the Attack Bike is near the target,the Sticky Bomb is throwed to an enemy vehicle/infantry/building,it takes 3 seconds for the bomb to explode. The Attack Bike is so fast that it usually outruns many things.Secondary ability activates the jump pistons,which jumps the vehicle a few metres ahead for quick escape. The Sticky Bomb has an area of effect so it can be used to great effect against infantry.The bombs have very minor damage but keep the target in place for 5 seconds after detonation,making them easy prey for attacks from behind. Denied. Basically a delayed action Dustrunner with the jump pistons off the Auto Go


maybe this could be given to the GLA instead... imfantry armed with knife. primery stabbs infantry. two stabs to kill canscripts. stealthed. special taked away stealth and entered targeted vehicle and takes it over. Already Exists in Game

UNH-1C Seminole-"Dewey" GunshipEdit

This unit it's a gunship version of the Allied Cardinal Transport,scavenged from the Rebels and designed to be a last-defence unit capable of defending their base during an enemy rush in case the other units and defences are destroyed; the name is from the Donald's 2nd nephew Dewey . Their main attack is a mounted 2x GAU-17/A machine guns at place of door guns. It's secondary ability allows it to strike whit his 7-round 70 mm rocket pods beside the machine guns; the rockets must be reloaded once they finish the attack. The UNH-1C "Dewey" Gunships were an old and decommissioned Allied gunships scavenged in their air base on the Khe Sanh hill by Rebel Thiefs in Joint Operation whit the Vietcong. Once they reached the Thailand some Rebels Cargo ships carry the copters and transport them to their Headquarters in Texas. The officers was surpised for the Dewey's exceptional agility but they was disappointed for his very light armor and for this they had assigned the UNH-1C to be a last-defence unit. Denied, a gunship already exist.

Dust BunnyEdit

This unit kicks up a dust cloud which deals slight damage to enemy units over time, besides hiding itself and other units from sight within the cloud. Special ability turns off the cloud for a quick boost in speed. Denied - basically the Dust Runner but weaker. Nice pun on the name though. (From podcast)

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