Undertow Anti-Aircraft Submarine
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Unit Type Submarine
Designation Anti-Air
Production Building Artificer
Secondary Ability Unknown
Prerequisite Unknown
Cost Unknown
Production Time 0:00
Dev. Status Conceptual
Dimension of Origin  Stalingrad, Earth
Assembled by  Region 4, Artificer Node 12
Key Features  » "Typhoon" surface-to-air missile system
 » "Lockdown" torpedo tube (x2)
 » "Caterpillar" pumpjet drive
 » Pressurised submarine hull (unknown composition)
 » WWII submarine movie database


GRU analysis of North Sea incident



At 22/03/1969, the Soviet Navy was conducting a routine military exercise in the Barents Sea. In light of the deployment of submarine forces by the navies of other powers, the exercise was conducted in order to improve the Navy's submarine hunting capabilities. The objectives were as follows: The attack submarines participating in the exercise were to locate and "destroy" several "enemy" submarines, while the submarines being hunted were to evade detection for two weeks.

The submarine in question is the CCCP Oktober, a new and experimental class of submarine. The Oktober featured a revolutionary stealth propulsion drive, consisting of an arrangement of pumpjets. This configuration allows the Oktober to be virtually silent underwater, even more so than the Navy's Hammerhead-class ballistic submarines. The Oktober was armed with several surface-to-air missiles in launch tubes, giving it significant anti air capabilities.

After failing to locate the Oktober for several weeks, despite the rest of the submarines involved in the exercise having been tracked down, it was presumed that the Oktober had left its designated area. A massive search effort was mounted to locate the Oktober, without success. Investigations are still ongoing into the various possibilities, including the possibility that the Oktober may have defected to another faction. If so, the Oktober must be recovered--or destroyed--at all costs, lest the revolutionary stealth propulsion drive fall into the hands of the enemy.

Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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