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Tunnel Ambush
Faction VietcongLogoThumb Vietcong
Function Transport Power
Brief Allows use of tunnel network for troop movement

The Vietcong use the tunnel networks to move almost unopposed through the jungles of Vietnam. The obvious entrances to the network are only one way in or out. A suitably devious Vietcong commander can get his forces to dig up out of the tunnels, making a new entry-exit point on the map. The only problem with this is that the digging is so noisy that one needs to have some control of the area first to ensure that no pesky ARVN units catch the diggers unprepared.

Tunnel Ambush An exit tunnel pops out of the ground, allowing you to smuggle units to any location of the map using the tunnel system. Recharges every two minutes.

Vietcong Guerrillas

Paradox-Exclusive Mini-Faction.

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Watercraft Motor Boat
Structures Tunnel ComplexDisappearing GunNVA Smelter
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Protocols Vietcong Protocols
Camo-NettingTunnel AmbushSaturation Fire
Detailed Information Vietnam WarNorth Vietnamese Characters

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