Tractor Beams
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Function Offensive Weaponry, Transport
Brief Brings the enemies of China closer

A Strange Weightless SensationEdit

When stationed on the Chinese border, Allied and Soviet personnel have a good number of things to be afraid of. Monsters mutated from what was once beautiful and passive wildlife. Mad scavengers roaming the wastes looking for anything to either make their leader, their next meal, or even both. But the worst to many is the threat that, at any time, they may be lifted up into the air, into the waiting hands of the Atomic Kingdom. Survivors report feeling weightless, as though they were separate from the gravitational pull of the Earth. Pilots on patrol often have final transmissions reporting a strange green beam pulling them down to Earth, rendering their controls useless as the control tower can ony listen. All of these are the result of the Atomic Kingdom's experiments with Tractor Beam technology.

Do the Particle PullEdit

Since atomic energy was the power that gave their nation strength, the Atomic Chinese experimented heavily with Jade. Tests were made that dispersed the radiation, that focused it, neutralized it and enhanced it. However, one test produced a strange result. Monitoring the radioactive particles coming from the jade, the scientists testing found that the pattern of particles coming off resembled a corkscrew-like effect. Looking closer, they discovered that the beam of particles was actually pulling in other particulates, the equipment even reading that dust was being pulled in, a major advancement if there had been an Allied scientist in the room. Instead, the findings were presented to the Viceroy, who ordered that the beams be made stronger. In testing, the engineers and scientists noted that the beams also had a green hue when fired, due to the focusing of the jade.

Utilizing intense focusing lenses, these "traction" beams act like an auger, drawing matter towards the projector like a screw. While powerful, these beams also require intense amounts of energy to actually draw in matter larger than a few hundred molecules in size. To bring down a plane, for example, half the jade needed to power an atomic reactor is required. Despite the constraints, the image of a soft green beam lifting up men and metal has become a frightening sight indeed to China's enemies.

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