Time Bomb
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Function Attack Power
Brief A bomb is chronoshifted to the area and activated by the commander for a nasty explosion

When the Chronosphere was finally ready for field usage, it wasn't long before someone asked if they could simply chronoshift a bunch of bombs into an enemy base. The idea was as basic as the suggestion: load a shipping crate full of enough explosives to level the Kremlin and chrono express mail it to the nearest Soviet Super Reactor. Why put Allied lives at risk by sending them into the maw of the beast when you can sit back, drink tea, and bet on how far that Conscript will fly?

The idea proved a fine one in theory, though it didn't do so well in practice. The bombs had to be timed to detonate some time after they had been chronoported, so as to avoid the unpleasant scenario of having a bomb detonate inside a Chronosphere. While this helped to prevent any mishaps, it also gave ample time for whoever who was on the receiving end of the bomb to either flee beyond the bomb's blast radius or disable it. Thus, while this tactic proved admirably effective against structures, anything that could move would generally succeed in getting to safety in time. Additionally, the Soviets quickly grew wise to the Allies' tricks, and began having trained bomb technicians on hand in important bases (as well as around important VIPs), which further reduced the effectiveness of the bombs. After the war, the Allies looked into the usage of chronoshifted bombs again, and eventually made several changes, seeking to improve their effectiveness.

Today, an Allied Commander may still order a bomb delivered to a target of their choice. However, these new bombs have differences compared to their predecessors. most notably, camouflage has been made standard for every bomb to keep them hidden in the field, and the bombs are now activated by remote signal, which has allowed for more tactical usage.

60px Time Bomb A time bomb is chronoshifted into the area! It is stealthed until activated by the player; it is then revealed and the timer starts counting down!
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