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An Alien WastelandEdit

As you step into the old town, you feel like you are stepping into another world. As you look around, you can see nothing but reddish brown clouds of particles that go up to your waist. The very ground has been transformed; strewn all over the ground are collections of wires and circuitry, and in the distance you can vaguely make out swarm like silhouettes moving around. Unbeknownst to you, you are already being watched by thousands of tiny eyes, each smaller than a speck of dust. The few buildings that one might find remotely recognisable have an abandoned look to them; you can see the wires trailing out of them, the buildings are invariably crumbling from decay, and anything metal seems to have rusted. Such buildings are completely enveloped in the clouds of particles. The atmosphere is bleak and desolate, the skies are darkened and grey, and the sun never seems to shine. You can see no signs of life; no birds, no trees, no animals, not even bones or skeletons. The only trace that life might once have existed in this alien land are the buildings. As you walk on, following the trails of wires, you occasionally see more silhouttes through the thick clouds; some are humanoid, some are swarm like, others are different in shape.

As you walk on, you can make out a large shape; moving closer, it seems to be a building of some kind; but it is not like any other building you have seen so far; it has a metallic sheen, and appears functional; you can hear noises coming from it. Here, the wires mass together; the wires seem to come out of this structure, and the structure itself constantly spews out more clouds.

You can hear noises; they are coming from underneath your feet. Just as you back away, a horde of monsters bursts out from the infected ground without warning, and turn their heads on you. You see they are carrying weapons of some sort, and your instinct is to open fire at them, which you do. To your shock, the monstrosities simply continue on, as the clouds gather around them, regenerating any damage they take. There are too many of them; so you run, you run for shelter. You can see the building that you passed by earlier. You are moving much faster than them, and you easily break through the barricaded door, entering inside.

But as you enter, you can see that you have made a mistake. The very air is impregnated with the rust coloured particles; you try to hold your breath, but it is no use. The clouds enter your lungs, and it is not clean, pure air. Coughing, sputtering, you choke on whatever it is that has infected your lungs; you can no longer breathe, and your vision fades...

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