The desert war was combat the was done fighting in the middle east against allied back and also independent Islamic nations. The allied nations and soviet soldiers weren't accustomed to desert warfare, neither was their equipment. Many of the tanks and planes engines clogged with sand, the weapons not usable in the featureless sand dunes and many of the tracking systems were unable to track other vehicles, because of the intense heat from the sun and sand. This was to, also, effect the soldiers themselves. As the uniforms were designed to fight in the cooler climates of northern Europe, north America and also the plains of Russia. Many of both sides were dying of heat stroke, dehydration and even sweating. If that wasn't enough, the deadly animals, quick sand and even ordnance and booby traps from past conflicts have turned the entire area into a kill zone. Most of the casualties coming in were from disease and fatigue not bullets. In to end it was decided by both sides that this territory was not suited for either of them. Which both sides promptly leaving to return to the native battlegrounds.

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