Terror Drone Surprise
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Support Power
Brief A hidden terror drone activates in an enemy vehicle and starts doing what it was designed to do.

Despite the best efforts of the Allies, Soviet infiltrators and agents still manage to make it past the Iron Curtain into Allied nations, though a few are captured when they attempt to form a bread line. Those who are smart enough to adapt to Allied culture attempt to make their way into the Allied military-industrial complex (among other targets for infiltration), finding employment as workers on assembly lines and factory floors. Many are under orders to retrieve Allied blueprints, but the reasons for such orders were a mystery to ACIN, until a tank was disassembled to reveal a fully-functional deactivated terror drone in the engine block.

The terror drone surprise is simple; put a terror drone into the Allied vehicle, and attach a special radio system into it. Once a specific transmission is sent to that vehicle, the terror drone inside activates and instantly starts tearing the vehicle apart.

Despite Allied efforts to prevent further terror drone attacks, ACIN cannot pin down how long this has taken place, meaning that any Allied vehicle can be infected. Crews of ships and Century bombers are especially paranoid due to the size of their vehicles, constantly trying to have a full investigation made on their systems so they do not fall from the skies or doomed to a watery grave. Whether or not similar programs have been under effect in other, non-Allied nations has yet to be discovered.

Terror Drone Surprise A targeted vehicle reveals it was built with a terror drone inside, the drone ripping the vehicle apart.
Soviet Union Red Army

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