Teleport Hub
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Building Type Support Structure
Function Unit Teleportation
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Ability Teleport
Teleports 6 infantry to any position
Constructs None
Dev. Status Unknown


The technology of teleportation is an amazing one; with the ability for soldiers to move across the battlefield in the blink of an eye, the Atomic Kingdom of China are arguably unrivalled in tactical mobility, matched only by the Allied Nations' use of the Chronosphere. Such technology, at first glance, would seem to give the Atomic Kingdom a great advantage.

However, teleportation is far from perfect, and like most of the Atomic Kingdom's technologies, is crude and barely developed. There are many drawbacks to the system. One such problem is range; since teleportation works by data transfer, the subject can only be transmitted so far before the integrity of the signal is lost. Larger teleporters, which can send out much more powerful signals, the effective range is increased. However, even the most powerful of Chinese teleporters are limited to a range of a few kilometres.

Nevertheless, the Atomic Kingdom has sought to exploit this technology to its fullest. All Noble Officers are issued personal teleporters; these are the smallest class of teleporters available, capable of transporting the subject a few dozen metres. More powerful teleporters are also installed into battlefield bunkers, as an escape mechanism. Then there are the teleportation engines located in Celestial Depots, which can be used to rapidly shift aircraft back to the Celestial Depot.

Finally, there are the teleporters used in Atomic Chinese Teleporter Hubs. These large structures, each consisting of a chamber that can hold up to six infantry, act as powerful long range teleporters capable of transporting up to six infantry at a time to anywhere on the battlefield. This allows for Chinese commanders to launch strikes from unexpected directions, or quickly bolster an area needing reinforcements. Even a determined foe will be hard pressed to deal such attacks, since it is essentially impossible to determine where the Atomic Chinese will strike next. Though it won't allow the Chinese to just invade Moscow and seize the Kremlin, teleportation still has a great many tactical uses on the battlefield.

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