Tank Bunker
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Building Type Base Defence
Function Vehicle Garrison
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Consumption Unknown
Ability Teleport
Constructs -
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  RoyalChinathumb China
Made by  Great Wall Duplicator Facilities
Key Features  » Jade-infused structure
 » Teleporter platform
 » Teleport Button (Accessible through driver's side)
 » Entry directions ("Park Vehicle In Center")
 » Lack of fifth feature

Tactical AnalysisEdit

Stronger Than a Tortoise Shell: One of the strongest defenses in the Chinese arsenal, the Tank Bunker is made to protect tanks from enemy fire as the crew destroys any and all resistance ahead, but only one tank at a time can drive into the bunker.

Faster Than the Hare: Like it's infantry-protecting brother, the bunker can also teleport a tank out to destroy the enemy from behind, but also like it's brother, the tank has to move itself back inside.


With the success of the Kingdom's Teleport Bunker, the impression made of the leadership of the Atomic Kingdom was that a new bunker should be made, one that could protect China's vehicles as well as a ready-made defense. The NRA had embedded tanks in the very Earth before the bombs, so it stood to reason that a purpose-built shelter would perform twice as well.

Of course, building a bunker for tanks isn't just as easy as digging a hole and driving a tank inside. The designers had to make sure the vehicle was covered to avoid fire, but could reach over the bunker to fire out. And with the designs of the Kingdom's vehicles, that was a challenge. It was decided that since most of the Kingdom's tank profiles would be conducive to a simple thickened bunker, since most of the tops of the vehicles were small enough to keep from being a reasonable target, the shields would handle the rest. Coupled with the teleporter pad inside the bunker, and China's defenses are a more fluid, more adaptable mix than the enemy expects.

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