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Talon protocols work from the different add-ons of the Crusader Crawler. It is undecided how they upgrade.

Prophet The Talon's version of a spying protocol. The protocol calls one of the Talon's elite "Prophet" scouts, placing him in the best protection the 17th century had to offer and the most advanced sensory apparatus bestowable by Talon high command. In other words, it spawns a box at the target area to watch the battlefield. The box does not "disappear", and has very good armour. However, it is expensive, has a relativley small sight radius, and can be destroyed.
Sticky Situation A Talon blimp drops sticky tar onto the battlefield. All units in the tar have severely reduced movement speed, infantry are placed in negative cover, and vehicles take more damage from flame weapons.
Dustcloud Spawns a cloud of soot dust high in the air at an area. This dust clogs airplane turbines and helicopter parts, causing aircraft damage if they linger in the cloud. Helps compensate for the Talon's terrible anti-air.
Healing Touch A single Talon vehicle undergoes a miraculous recovery, as if the damage it took mere moments ago never existed! Basically, acts as Tanya's time belt on a single Talon vehicle. Cannot be used on the Crawler.

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