Surgical Strike
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Function Attack Power
Brief An Artemis Precision Bomber drops a bomb at the designated target.
Surgical Strike An Artemis Precision Bomber drops a bomb at the designated target.
Precision Strike An Artemis Precision Bomber drops a bomb at the designated target.
60px Pinpoint Strike An Artemis Precision Bomber drops a bomb at the designated target.

B-9 Artemis Precision Bomber Edit

B-9 Artemis Precision Bomber
The Artemis
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Unit Type Bomber
Designation Anti-Surface
Tier N/A
Production Building N/A
Secondary Ability N/A
Cost N/A
Production Time N/A
Heroic Upgrade N/A
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  Germany
Produced by  Himmelhammer Werke, Essen/Angstrom Defense, Stockholm
Key Features  » "Hellcat" 800 lb. spectrum guided bomb
 » Hybrid R/F58-400 ramjet/turbofan engines
 » Swept wing design allows for high speeds
 » Electronic countermeasures suite
 » Flare colour guide

The Century Bomber has good points, but the most common complaint (other than the crew's accents) is the inaccuracy of the "Jethro" bombs. Often, multiple bombing runs are required to destroy a small building or bridge. Allied High Command knew of this weakness before the war started, and had already commissioned a strike bomber for such a purpose. Angstrom Defense was tasked by the Allied council to create a high speed strike bomber that would do the job, and upon coming up with a design, sold it to Himmelhammer Werke in Germany, a contractor skilled in making heat-resistant plane parts.

As much of Germany's industry is concentrated around the rivers of Rhine and Ruhr, they are one of the most prominent companies active in the area, as an aeronautics company which specializes in fast and precise aircraft. While only a minor part of the Allied arsenal, their products have contributed to significant Soviet casualties during the last war. Himmelhammer got to work on Angstrom Defense's design, which was in effect a weaponised version of the infamous SR-8 Thrush spy plane, which Himmelhammer Werke itself had been responsible for building. The new plane was dubbed the Artemis to keep in line with the Allied and Angstrom Defense tradition of naming new vehicles after classical figures starting with "A". The Artemis is not a VTOL aircraft, so it needs a conventional runway to even take off. For Europe, Von Esling Airbase in Iceland is its home.

This isn't too much of a disadvantage, for the Artemis is extremely fast, going to speeds up to Mach 3. In fact, it was and still is one of the fastest air breathing aircraft in the world (the Thrush is slightly faster, not needing to carry a weapons load). When a commander or someone with sufficient field authority requests a strike, the order is quickly relayed, and an Artemis is scrambled. Upon taking off, it could get to the battlefield in minutes and then quickly deliver its ordnance. A variety of methods can be used to mark a target for the Artemis, from spectrum designators to simple flares.

The Artemis begins to dive onto the target, releasing its bomb at maximum velocity before pulling up. This manoeuvre allows great accuracy, but the G-forces are very high for the crew of four. An advanced form of autopilot is available if any crew member blacks out. It then returns to base to rearm and refuel.

Rumours of the sonic boom damaging enemy units as it flies over are patently false.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • EA seems to have combined the B-1 Lancer and the SR-71 as inspiration for this bomber.
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