Support Module
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Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Function Various
Brief Alternative nanites activate new functions
Dev. Status Conceptual

The swarms of the Protectorate are amazing in their surgical simplicity; anything, from armour to extra ammo, is removed outright in order to make units as cheap as possible. The exceptions to this rule are the aesthetic features such as chrome fins and the like that decorate all Protectorate units, though the Protectorate have their own reasons for those. However, occasionally something cannot be removed. Weapons circuits, sensory apparatus and command node links are all necessary, and all need a circuit for their functioning.

These circuits, however, proved to be unacceptably inefficient. Although they could control these necessary functions, they were not minimised enough for the Core Mind Collective; in the numbers units were produced, this area ate up a surprising amount of resources for its size. What's more, the circuits simply couldn't be minimised; despite having excess RAM, if they were made smaller it would either disrupt the circuit and produce glitches or produce too much heat and melt the circuit into a useless, sticky mess. What's a collection of omnicidal robots to do?

This limitation did not, however, stop more data being placed in the circuit. In the spare room of each unit, a secret program is installed, giving instructions in the use of a unique function. The Support Module was designed to work with this; filled with a nanite goo, the Module would receive orders from this program, and reconfigure to produce exactly the mechanisms needed to fulfill this function. This gave flexibility to Protectorate armies, and made use of what was previously a waste of space. Tactical data of what these programs are is heavily encrypted, however; the Core Mind Collective does not want its secrets getting out. Experiment to discover for yourself!

Electrical Protectorate Infinite Army

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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