Super Wall
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Defensive Power
Brief An unimaginative name for the most powerful walls on Earth.

With the obvious benefits of the Iron Curtain shown on structures and vehicles, Soviet scientists wanted to see if it could be applied to all structures on command. Starting small, they began with the Soviet walls around a base on the Chinese border, a base under constant attack by Atomic Kingdom forces. The test date was set, and the preparations made, when the Chinese decided that the night before would be the perfect time to attack.

Deciding it would be the perfect test of concept (and the perfect way to save their hides), the scientists activated the base's Iron Curtain projector, and watched with glee as the familiar red beam covered the walls and gate. The Chinese were shocked, as none of their weapons could pierce the iron curtained walls. The few aircraft present were useless, as Soviet flak and SAM positions made short work of their shields and fuselages. With the threat of aerial attack gone, the Soviets inside were able to organize and counter-attack. As the Apocalypse tanks made short work of the enemy armour, the scientists relayed word of their success back to Moscow. Come the next inevitable war, the Union's bases would be impregnable.

Upon the deployment of an Iron Curtain in a Soviet base, all walls are fitted with a series of thick conductive wires to allow the Iron Curtain to project the full length of the walls more easily and a smaller additional Iron Energy projector specifically designed for use on the wall segments.

Super Wall All walls and gates become invulnerable for X seconds.
Soviet Union Red Army

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

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