That is not dead which can eternal lie,

And with strange aeons, even death may die."

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Construction Time
Power Consumption
Building Type Superweapon
Function Summons the Icon
Ability Summon Icon

Summons The Icon
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Dev. Status Conceptual


The sky darkened.

That, she decided, wasn't a good sign. She watched as the overcast sky turned an even darker shade of grey than it already was. She watched. And waited. And dared not do anything else. Movement would alert the machines, bring them to her position. She stood no chance on her own against such numbers. So her only chance was to hide, hoping that her camouflage would protect her. So she simply watched. And waited.

Over the past two hours, she had done this, spying on the machines as they went about--their work? She didn't know what their purpose was, didn't even know if it was work to them--all she knew of the strange purple machines was that they killed and destroyed indiscriminately. Two hours ago, she had watched them pour into the outpost. They had fought back, of course, but against the tidal wave of numbers there was no hope, no chance of winning. The outpost had fallen swiftly, and upon its ruins the machines had built their base. She had seen the machines clear away the rubble, take it elsewhere, and on the spot where the outpost had once stood they had constructed strange, alien structures.

She would have been better off dying then, of course, but she didn't know that. That the ground had changed, that she had noticed. That the ground was aware of her presence, she didn't realise. That the machines knew that she was there, watching them, and didn't care because she was doomed anyway, she didn't know.

One of the structures stirred. All around it, the machines suddenly began to scatter.

It was at the very centre of the base, a structure unlike the others--though no two structures were alike. It was larger than most of the others, and was no less confusing, its geometry and design just as alien. She watched as it unfurled, opening up to reveal a bizarre, twisted construct, a latticework of metal and--something else? It was strange, this construct, with patterns that seemed to defy physics and common sense. She should have ran then, took her chances with the machines. But she wanted to see what was going to happen next.

Though she didn't see it, a portal to another world had already opened, and into the construct was now flowing an unimaginable energy, a fraction of the power of a universe, temporarily forced into assuming a form physical; even the machines that had sought to summon it could not even begin to understand it for what it really was, though they thought that they knew what they were dealing with.

For a while, time itself seemed to stand still. Then the construct awakened. The structure that had brought it into being turned to dust, collapsing into nothingness instantly.

The entity, birthed into this universe for the very first time, spoke.

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