Subterranean Ambush
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Reinforcement Power
Brief A squad of surveyors, and sometimes more, appear to wreak havoc on an enemy position.

"Just jump from rock to rock, we'll be safe!"

- Allied reservist transmission from Perfection, Nevada

The Confederates hold a deep respect for the Tunnel Rats among them. Soft-spoken but devoted to the cause, their work with underground supply networks, sabotage, and even informal counseling for Confederates suffering from shell shock are all vital to the cause. And when they're really angry, the tunnel rats decide that they're ready to fight.

When signaled, the tunnel rats emerge from a piece of ground ready to fight for their personal peace. This often shocks Allied personnel, since they have often been assured that their bases are atop firm bedrock and invulnerable to subterranean attack. Sometimes, when truly peeved, the tunnel rats break out one of their sidewinders. Despite catching the enemy unawares, if the enemy organizes the ambush will quickly falter.

Subterranean Ambush X tunnel rats emerge fully ready to attack.
Subterranean Assault X tunnel rats emerge fully ready to attack.
IconRebs Attack of the Mole Men! X tunnel rats and a Sidewinder emerge fully ready to attack.
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