Steam Power
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Function Generates Kinetic Energy
Brief Used in Energy Generation

What the World Thinks...Edit

The history of the steam engine stretches back as far as the first century AD; the first recorded rudimentary steam engine being the aeolipile described by Hero of Alexandria. In the following centuries, the few engines known about were essentially experimental devices used by inventors to demonstrate the properties of steam, such as the rudimentary steam turbine device described by Taqi al-Din in 1551 and Giovanni Branca in 1629.

Following the invention by Denis Papin of the steam digester in 1679, and a first piston steam engine in 1690, the first practical steam-powered 'engine' was a water pump, developed in 1698 by Thomas Savery. It proved only to have a limited lift height and was prone to boiler explosions, but it still received some use for mines and pumping stations.

The first commercially successful engine did not appear until 1712. Incorporating technologies discovered by Savery and Denis Papin, the atmospheric engine, invented by Thomas Newcomen, paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. Newcomen's engine was relatively inefficient, and in most cases was only used for pumping water. It worked by using the vacuum from condensing steam in a cylinder and was mainly employed for draining mine workings at depths hitherto impossible, but also for providing a reusable water supply for driving waterwheels at factories sited away from a suitable 'head'. Early Watt pumping engine

The next major step occurred when James Watt developed an improved version of Newcomen's engine, with a separate condenser. Watt's engine used 75% less coal than Newcomen's, and was hence much cheaper to run. Watt proceeded to develop his engine further, modifying it to provide a rotary motion suitable for driving factory machinery. This enabled factories to be sited away from rivers, and further accelerated the pace of the Industrial Revolution.

What the Order knows...Edit

The fact is, that the steam engine was invented by a member of the Order in 1501. Fully functioning to the level of 8 horsepower, The Da Vinci Engine, named after the brilliant Leonardo Da Vinci, was born. It propelled Talon vehicles across hidden battlefields in pursuit of their prey, and never lost on a speed front. Of course, the Talon were very secretive with it. Combined with Talon Steel, it would make a devastating weapon if the unworthy ever got their hands on it.

Yet, even the Talon cannot stop progress. Eventually, the rest of the world caught up with their measly contraptions, but, even as others started to venture into the internal combustion engine, the Talon made its biggest breakthrough yet. By using the same methods used to create Talon Steel to manufacture micro-tubes for their engines, they can rival even some of the fastest engines to date.

Let the Empire use their Auto Gos, and the Allies their Multigunner IFVs! As far as the Talon are concerned, nothing beats steam.

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