The Atomic Chinese Star Fleet is the Chinese equivalent of an air force. Unlike the air forces of other major world powers, however, the Chinese Star Fleet is able to operate without the constraint of the Earth's atmosphere; the advanced technology possessed by the Chinese military allows some of their biggest and most deadly weapons to reach out to the final frontiers of space. The Star Fleet is further divided into the Atmospheric and Outer Space Divisions. The headquarters of the Star Fleet is not on Earth; it is located at the Gate of Heavenly Peace Starbase at the L4 Lagrange point, a point outside of the Earth's atmosphere where the Earth and Moon's gravity cancel each other out, allowing any object there to remain stationary indefinitely.

It is widely admitted (sometimes unwillingly) that the Star Fleet, with its intense yet superb training programs and disciplines, state-of-the-art technologies, deadly combat equipment and elite commanders, may be the most efficient and deadly military organization in the history of mankind.


Atmospheric DivisionEdit

War ThroneEdit

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Bird of PreyEdit

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Peng Streamer PlaneEdit

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Trans-Atmospheric DivisionEdit

Defiance-class Flying JunkEdit

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Eclipse-class Star VoyagerEdit

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Zhuge-class Sky ForgeEdit

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Deep Space DivisionEdit

Galaxy-class StarshipEdit

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Atomic Kingdom of China Royal Guard

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