Spider Nest
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Function Defensive Power
Brief As the great daiymos had their castles, so to will the infantry be protected.

While Emperor Kamina's reforms to the ERSDF have done wonders for survivability, many of the Empire's finest still see it as a fitting end to die in battle, charging through the field to glory and remembrance. These warriors will eschew cover and protection, going to serve the Emperor in death. Even the new advisers to the Imperial court see such actions as befitting a true warrior. So, in typical fashion, Emperor Kamina took a roundabout solution.

The Spider Hole is a reinforced bunker, easily deployed and almost invisible thanks to its low profile. Infantry ordered inside are able to fire out without taking fire, though chemical weapons still pose a threat. While at first seemingly the antithesis of what the Empire's soldiers expected, Kamina's logic soon found its mark.

Often deployed well towards the front, the infantry inside the spider hole will make the enemy pay either in time or lives for their presence. To ignore a spider hole means that the warriors inside can easily deal death to any enemy in range. Trying to take out the bunker is time-consuming without more powerful weapons, time that could be spent elsewhere on the field. This also means that soldiers inside have a better chance of surviving the battle. Surviving to fight again in the Emperor's name.

IconEmpire Spider Nest The commander deploys a series of spider holes on the battlefield.
Spider Den The commander deploys a series of spider holes on the battlefield.
IconEmpire Spider Web The commander deploys a series of spider holes on the battlefield.
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