Spectrum Tower
The Spectrum Tower
Spectrum Tower firing
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti Surface
Cost 1600
Construction Time 0:15
Power -50
Constructs -
Dev. Status Original RA3 Building
Country of Origin  Francethumb France
Produced by  FutureTech Spectrums, Toulouse
Key Features  » Type-T Spectrum Dispersion Cannon
 » Stylized Base Platform
 » "Prism"-model Turret Head
 » Prototype Targeting System
 » FutureTech Emblem (located underneath tower)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Spectrum-tacular!: Firing high intensity beams of spectrum energy, Spectrum Towers are powerful base defences, capable of melting even the thickest of armour with ease and firing over walls. Unchanged from the last war, Spectrum Towers are no less deadly.
  • More than the sum of their parts: Spectrum Towers can link up with other Spectrum Towers, boosting the power and destructive potential of their shots. This makes a group of Spectrum Towers a formidable obstacle to overcome, greater than the sum of their parts.
  • Pretty beams, pretty expensive: Spectrum Towers do come with some disadvantages, however. In addition to being expensive to construct and maintain, Spectrum Towers also consume copious amounts of power to operate.
  • Shattered prisms: In addition, Spectrum Towers are vulnerable to a number of weapons; they are unable to target aircraft, and while their range is considerable, artillery pieces can still outrange and destroy them with ease. Additionally, they are inefficient against infantry.


Spectrum Tower. Never before have two words meant so much and were able to create so much fear in the opposition. This base defence is one of Future Tech's masterpieces and has stopped many enemies of the science driven Allied Nations.

The Spectrum Tower, as the name implies, fires a focused beam of light which damages, if not outright destroys, anything it hits. Often the beam breaks up into several smaller beams which refract off enemy armour and spread out to hit even more targets. When the development of the Spectrum Tower began, Allied High Command was skeptical about its efficiency, but after seeing a few Spectrum Towers destroying three mock up Rhino Tanks with ease, they soon changed their minds and pressed the Spectrum Tower into battlefield service as soon as possible.

The Spectrum Tower is useful for stopping tank rushes, and has a special function; if several towers are in close proximity to each other, they can link up and charge all their energy into one tower which then fires a single highly concentrated and far more destructive beam. However it should be noted, the targeting computer of the tower, due to technical and mechanical reasons, is not able to fire at airplanes, making the expensive tower an easy target for enemy air strikes. Also, the energy demand of the Spectrum Tower is high, and should the base fail to provide sufficient energy, it will cease to function and become an easy target.

Just the StatsEdit

Spectrum Tower

Advanced Anti-Tank Defense
Cost 1600
Build Time 0:15
Health 150
Power -50
Armour Type Fortification
Type-T Spectrum Cannon

Range 450
Damage 25
Suppression N/A
DPS 50
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