Special Tags are the extra features that units have as passive traits. They are listed in the "Tags" portion of a unit's statistic box or weapon box and linked back to here for reference. Note these are not coding tags, but simply shorthand representations of features.

Admin Note: It is important to not change the names of the tags as doing so will eventually result in breaking many links. You have been warned.

Unit TagsEdit


These units can operate on both land and water.


This vehicle is light enough to carried by helicopters with the Winch tag.

Atomic CoreEdit

Upon death, these units have a 25% chance of leaking radiation, and a 5% chance of exploding.

Blending In (X)Edit

These units can conceal themselves as other units or shrubbery.


When in certain terrain, these units gain stealth.

Circling (X)Edit

Radius in which certain aircraft move while idle.


Units with the Clone tag move slower unless accompanied by a unit with the Officer tag.

Defrosts (X)Edit

These units take longer to be frozen, freezing at the percent rate indicated.

Degenerates (X)Edit

These units lose X amount of health per second.


These units are mechanically complex and react poorly to damage. When these units hit yellow or red damage, their movement slows and their ability recharges take much longer.

Detector (X)Edit

These units detect stealthed units in a radius of X.


These units can capture and repair structures, fix bridges, clear mines, and place explosives on walls.


These units are immune to stunning and suppression.


These units take 25% from fire weapons.

Fire MagnetEdit

Any attempt to fire "through" the target will strike it instead.


These units cannot be suppressed if in the presence of other units with the Frenzied tag.


These units don't quite touch the ground. Hovering units take half damage from mines, but tend to have long acceleration and deceleration times.

Immunity (X)Edit

The unit is not affected by weapon type X.


These units takes 10% damage from mines.

Move Through CoverEdit

The unit is not affected/slowed down by certain terrain types.

NBC ProtectionEdit

Units are stunned half as long by stun weapons, are immune to tear gas, and take 25% damage from toxin, nano, and radiation weapons.


Speeds up units with the Clone tag and makes them immune to suppression.


Gains the number indicated of health back per second.


Skirmisher infantry can execute a Reverse Move and fire their weapons off-axis, but when suppressed are incapable of attacking.

Take-Off Speed (X)Edit

Speed at which airplanes take off.


This unit is very scary.

Transport (X)Edit

Can transport the indicated number of infantry units.


Cannot be crushed by vehicles. Duh!


This unit is not slowed when crushing enemies.


Upon death, these units have a 100% chance of exploding.


These units can walk underwater.


This unit is incapable of pushing through dense terrain.


This vehicle can carry vehicles with the Airmobile tag.

Weapon TagsEdit

Afterburn (X/Y)Edit

Continues to do X damage per second for Y seconds after the attack strikes.

Area of Effect (X)Edit

Area of effect weapons deal damage in a radius, with no drop-off from the epicenter of the blast.

Cryo WeaponEdit

Freezes rather than doing damage.

Cold (X)Edit

Does X freezing damage as well as regular damage.


These weapons deal full damage to units inside garrisons.


Weapons that Drop-Off do less damage the farther away the target is.

Dumb FireEdit

This weapon is a projectile that will not follow its target in flight, so it may miss moving enemies.

Effective (X/Y)Edit

This weapon is X% effective against unit type Y.


This weapon deals double damage to Ore Collectors.

Inaccurate (X)Edit

Inaccurate weapons drift off target during flight, not always striking the intended area. The number shows how far a projectile may drift.


Indirect weapons don't need line of sight, and can be fired over obstacles.

Instant Kill (X)Edit

These weapons completely negate certain unit classes or armour types, killing them in one shot.

Intimidating (X)Edit

Suppresses in a radius even if the weapon does no area damage.

Finishing BlowEdit

Does double damage to suppressed enemies.


Weapons that deal knockback will send enemy infantry flying on impact.

Limited Ammo (X)Edit

Carries a limited number of shots for the weapon indicated, after which the unit will have to return to reload.

Line FireEdit

Hits everything on the path to the target.

Lingers (X)Edit

Leaves behind an area for X seconds where it will continue to strike targets.

Lock-On (X)Edit

Weapons with Lock-On take a moment before firing on a target, during which time they must face the target.

Move and FireEdit

This weapon can be fired while on the move.


The unit will swap between this and another primary weapon when attacking.


Deals half-damage to suppressed enemies.

Ramp Up (X)Edit

This weapon increases in X Stat the longer the object has been firing.

Reloads (X/Y)Edit

After X shots, this weapon must spend Y time reloading.


Scattergun weapons hit a larger area the farther away the target is.


Shrink weapons reduce the size of a target, increasing speed and decreasing all other stats.

Splash (X)Edit

Weapons that do splash damage explode over an area, doing less damage farther away from the epicenter. The number defines the radius.


This weapons represent inaccurate suppression fire; they scatter like Inaccurate weapons, but have a small Area of Effect as well.

Stun (X)Edit

This weapon disables targets for X seconds.

Sub-Unit Launch (X/Y)Edit

This unit's weapon uses smaller units such as drones. X defines the names of theese units and Y defines the maximum number that can be used at once.


This weapon tracks horizontally across the target as it fires.

Tracking Edit

This weapon is a projectile that will follow the enemy in flight.

(Unit Type) Only Edit

(Unit Type) Only weapons can only fire on the indicated type of unit.


Vampire weapons convert this percentage of damage dealt into health for the user.

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