Soviet Union
The Soviet Union Flag
Playstyle Brute Force
Faction Colour Red
Type Original Red Alert 3 Faction
Dev. Status Original units and building In-game

"You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world"

- "Revolution" by The Beatles

The Soviet Union took a beating in the later stages of the Third World War, unable to keep control of France, Italy, the Low Countries and much of Germany. Heavy losses of men and material have hit them hard, not to mention the mysterious disappearance of their top scientist and the bizarre flight of Premier Cherdenko into the endless depths of space; they are beginning to feel the weight of several years of fighting.

Forced to revert to some older technology to fill the gaps, the Soviet Union has desperately sued for peace, at least for the time being. Despite this, the Soviet Union still has some tricks up its sleeves, and new technological developments combined with huge amounts of heavy armour and walker units have cemented their mastery of land combat.

"Love the People, Love the Party, Love Communism!"

At a Glance[edit | edit source]

Faction Color Red.
Playstyle Brute force.
Preferred Theatre of Operations Ground warfare.
Strengths Powerful tanks and land vehicles, robust defensive lines, a tank for every situation.
Weaknesses Very slow, direct to a fault, little in the way of alternate tactics, tendency to damage self.
Intended Players Any RTS Player.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Union under Joseph Stalin[edit | edit source]

Soviet Union Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
AlliedLogoThumb.png Allied Nations IconHostile.png Hostile
ConfederateLogoThumb.png Confederate Revolutionaries IconHostile.png Hostile
SovietLogoThumb.png Soviet Union N/A
EmpireLogoThumb.png Empire of the Rising Sun IconHostile.png Hostile
TalonLogoThumb.png Order of the Talon IconUnknown.png Unknown
ChinaLogoThumb.png Atomic Kingdom of China IconWar.png War
SyndicateLogoThumb.png Mediterranean Syndicate IconHostile.png Hostile
IconUnknown.png Unknown

In 1924, a man known both for rebuilding the country and mass-murder, Joseph Stalin, became the "General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union". Stalin's goal was to recreate and modernize the Russian country, now internationally known as the Soviet Union. But he had another goal. Under the influence of mysterious advisers who continually drugged him to affect his mental health and drove him from his prior socialism in one-nation policies, he came to believe that the West was preparing an imminent assault on the motherland, and with extensive propaganda and selective usage of facts, the Soviet people came to believe this was true.

On October 31st, 1949, Soviet tanks rolled over the Union's borders directly into Polish territory. While the European states remained over the recent years in a state of petty international conflict and mistrust, Stalin attacked the unsuspecting Polish and it took about two months to fully conquer the entire country. With weak infantry weapons without anti-vehicle support, ancient propeller planes from the early days of World War I, and antiquated strategies like bunker lines, the Polish proved to be no match against the red iron of Stalin's Red Army.

With Poland gone, the next target was the reborn Kaiserreich, better known as Germany. Still limited to a standing army of 100,000 men and no heavy weaponry or strong naval forces allowed, the Germans unveiled their trump card - their own tanks. The mechanised counter-assault proved more successful than expected, and the German border could be held long enough for the European leaders to hold a conference and find a solution.

For years, Poland and Germany were entrenched in brutal warfare, until it seemed all of Europe would fall. At that time, the European leaders had already come up with a plan. Almost literally out of the blue, new tank designs in blue steel appeared, infantry divisions who would have fought each other 2 years ago if necessary stood together and ambushes surprised the formerly victory-sure Soviets.

In a game of cat and mouse, the Soviet assault was first halted, then pushed back all the way to the original borders. But, for one reason or another, the new Allied Nations would not go any further. Stalin, who was found dead in his office nearing the end of the war, left a letter behind designating his successor, Premier Cherdenko. This man was all too eager to end the war and negotiate peace with the Allies.

Preparations for another war[edit | edit source]

Soviet Union Minor Diplomatic Relations
Faction Relationship
ARVNLogoThumb.png Army of the Republic of Vietnam IconHostile.png Hostile
ReserveLogoThumb.png Allied Reservists IconHostile.png Hostile
BlueChinaLogoThumb.png National Revolutionary Army IconHostile.png Hostile
VietcongLogoThumb.png Vietcong IconAlliance.png Alliance
RedChinaLogoThumb.png Communist China IconAlliance.png Alliance
GLALogoThumb.png Global Liberation Army IconWar.png War
IntIncLogoThumb.png International Inc IconNeutral.png Neutral
IconUnknown.png Unknown

Cherdenko was not the type of man the Allied Nations hoped, however. In the time between World War II and III, he ordered another increase in the military to make up for the losses under Stalin, and with modernised designs, soon ordered an attack on his own. World War III was to eclipse the prior war in scale. As a matter of fact, it went even more successfully than the prior one. The Soviets would attack Europe, fire their way through the Allied lines and end up in front of Great Britain after becoming masters of continental Europe; getting farther than Stalin ever did.

But this time, a long forgotten country in the north-east of Asia made its appearance. The Empire of the Rising Sun, as they named themselves, attacked the moment Cherdenko wanted to order the final wave to conquer Britain. The world taken by surprise, the Soviet Union now faced two enemies. Nearing the end of the war, the Soviet Union was pushed back once again, but effectively gained territory in Europe by holding the eastern side of Germany and Austria and effectively most countries eastward.

In one last attack, the Allies tried to take Premier Cherdenko capture, who managed to flee into space, however. His fate is unknown.

Cherdenko's successor, Davidova, had the burden to negotiate peace with the Allied Nations like her predecessors did, and was faced with mistrust. However, Davidova managed at least a cease-fire with both power blocks, who were just as exhausted from the war as the Union. The Allies made no attempt to reclaim the eastern parts of Europe, much to the dissent of the people living in these regions. With all three powers done, new powers in the world made their way up to the world stage. Will Davidova lead her Union to a new era of peace and understanding? Or will the path only lead to more struggle? Only time will tell.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Soviet Union will be in the second faction release along with the Empire.

The faction, including the new elements from Red Alert 3 Paradox, will have a total of 15 buildings, 8 defensive structures and 55 units (13 infantry, 12 vehicles, 11 tanks, 5 drones, 7 aircraft, 7 watercraft).

Tech Tree[edit | edit source]


Units and Structures[edit | edit source]

"How is the Red Army like a bear? So the joke goes, and the answer is nowadays “Sleepy, naked, and with bad breath”. Because, after all, has not the Red Army been beaten Black and Blue, has not the Union been forced back in two world wars, has not the Union been led by piss-poor madmen for decades?!...But indeed the Red Army is like a bear, for a bear is tough, it is armed with dangerous weapons, and it is fast...very fast. Foreigners and detractors may laugh at a bear that is in its cage, but when that bear is charging towards them across open ground at sixty kilometres an hour with ninety tonnes of steel and cannon behind it, they will more likely run. And when there are eighty bears, they will run harder."

- Commissar Yakov Gordonoy of the Red Army

Elements in italics in the list designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Construction Yard The deployed version of the Soviet MCV, this structure constructs all Soviet structures and defences.
Reactor These coal power plants supply power to Soviet bases, and can be upgraded to Tesla Reactors to increase power output.
Barracks These facilities house the Union’s brave soldiers when they are not fighting, and can be upgraded with mancannons to shoot infantry out.
Smelter Soviet Ore Collectors bring ore here, where it is smelted into usable material to fuel the Soviet war effort. The Smelter can build new ore collectors.
Tank Factory This facility is responsible for the production of the Soviet Union’s many tanks. Slower and more expensive than vehicles, Soviet tanks have the advantage of being more powerful in direct combat.
Vehicle Factory Vehicle Factories act as field assemblies for Soviet vehicles, which are less powerful and durable than tanks, but faster, cheaper and more versatile.
Airfield Soviet aircraft are assembled at this structure, which can support up to four planes.
Naval Yard The Shipyard constructs Soviet naval vessels.
Super Reactor These enormous facilities produce more power than normal reactors and unlock advanced base defences, but take up a lot of space and explode violently when destroyed. They can also be upgraded to increase power output and upgrade Soviet defences.
Battle Lab The Battle Lab is where Soviet scientists work tirelessly to make the Soviet arsenal ever more formidable. From here one can purchase a series of upgrades that augment your units and ability to do battle.
Telescreen Tower As it is upgraded, the Telescreen Tower unlocks higher tiers, granting commanders access to the Union’s most powerful forces.
IconSoviet.png Industrial Plant Industrial Plants help take the strain of Soviet factories behind the front, reducing the build time and cost of unit production, as well as repairing nearby vehicles. It can be upgraded to further reduce production time and cost and increase the number of repair drones it has.
Crusher Crane These industrial cranes build structures, repair vehicles and occasionally reprocess them into raw material.
Iron Curtain This superweapon makes structures and vehicles invincible for a short time. It is deadly to infantry, however.
Vacuum Imploder This offensive superweapon fires a missile which draws anything nearby into its centre, destroying units and structures with implosive force.
Outpost The deployed version of the Sputnik, the Outpost provides ground control, vital to your base expansion efforts.

Defences[edit | edit source]

Brick Wall These reinforced brick walls help to keep Soviet enemies out of Soviet bases.
Fortifications These trench lines can be crossed by any unit, but are garrisonable and can be fired out of.
Security Gate Hardened gates which can be opened or closed on command.
Sentry Gun The Sentry Gun remains effective against infantry, and can now lock itself into an armoured shell to self-repair.
Flak Cannon Capable of filling the sky with aircraft shredding flak, Flak Cannons can also lock themselves into armoured shells to conduct repairs.
Tesla Coil Tesla Coils discharge powerful bursts of electricity which fry tanks and infantry alike.
Desolator Tower With four independent nozzles, Desolator Towers can kill infantry in seconds and eat away at the armour of their targets. Alternatively, they can poison the surrounding area at the cost of slowly damaging themselves.
Drone Kennel Not actually a defence, the Drone Kennel is really a production structure for the Terror Drone and its cousins.
IconSoviet.png Sledgehammer Disappearing Artillery Long range strategic artillery, Sledgehammer Platforms are cheap, slow to reload, inaccurate, and capable of blanketing an area in rockets. To protect themselves from counterbattery fire, they can place an armoured shell over themselves for a short time, and will emerge ready to fire; however, it is faster to simply reload.
Bunker Built by Combat Engineers, these cheap bunkers are pretty sturdy and can hold up to five infantry who can fire out.

Infantry[edit | edit source]

War Bear These armoured ursines tear enemy infantry to pieces with their claws, and are excellent swimmers, even in icy-cold water. If that weren’t enough, their newly issued honey dust collars can induce roaring rampages, though the collars are single use.
Conscript Conscripts are armed with ADK-45 rifles and Molotov cocktails, allowing them to cut down enemy infantry, clear garrisoned buildings and raze structures to the ground. Their training regimen has been simplified, cutting training time in half.
Flak Trooper Ex-criminals now in military service, Flak Troopers carry flak cannons that are good against air targets, if pathetic against surface targets. Fortunately, they can switch to using their magnetic mines, which are highly effective against tanks.
Grenadier Armed with RPGLs, Grenadiers are most effective against light vehicles. Their weapons can be fired over walls, and can send enemies staggering backwards. They can also throw smoke grenades to protect their comrades, though their grenades invariably go off when they are killed.
Combat Engineer Educated men inducted into military service, Combat Engineers can capture and repair structures, as well as construct Bunkers. They also have a pistol for self-defence.
Tesla Trooper Slowly moving battlesuits capable of frying infantry and tanks with bursts of electricity, Tesla Troopers are also capable of walking across the seafloor to attack their targets.
Soviet Sniper Skilled markswomen with bolt-action rifles, Soviet Snipers are slow to fire, but deadly to infantry at long range. They can also create straw decoys to bait fire.
Commissar Commissars act as a focal point for the horde bonus and buff nearby infantry, in addition to marking out targets for destruction. Their tesla pistols allow them to stun units for a few seconds.
Chemical Trooper Chemical Troopers wield chemical sprayers that kill exposed infantry in seconds and weaken the armour of their targets, while also poisoning the ground. In addition, they can also place down chemical mines. Note that they tend to leave behind a toxic puddle when killed.
Gagarin X Battlesuit Wearing an armoured spacesuit, the Gagarin’s job is to break into enemy buildings. For this, he has hydraulic fists that can knock down enemies, as well as a rocket booster that can launch him into the air.
Natasha This deadly sniper can take out entire rows of infantry with a single shot, in addition to marking out vehicles and buildings for bombers to destroy. As always, she can kill off a vehicle’s crew, leaving it open for the taking.
Spetsnaz Fast moving, light and brutally effective, Spetsnaz are elite troops trained for paratrooper operations, armed with bullpup assault rifles and grenades effective against light targets and garrisons. They are deployed via the Concrete Glider Protocol.
IconSoviet.png Conscriptnaught Deployed via the Space Marines Protocol, these glorified conscripts wear powered spacesuits and wield high suppression machine guns as well as explosive charges they can plant on buildings. Though they move slowly, they are heavily armoured thanks to their spacesuits.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Sputnik A small, amphibious vehicle, the Sputnik deploys into an Outpost, allowing you to claim faraway ore nodes and set up forward expansions.
Ore Collector Ore Collectors fund your war effort by collecting and transporting ore, and can activate their reactive armour coats should they find themselves under attack.
Dump Truck A cheap transport with low health and decent speed, the Dump Truck can carry up to 15 infantry, and comes with 5 conscripts when built. For various reasons, however, they cannot transport battlesuits.
Bullfrog The Bullfrog uses its flak cannons to shoot down aircraft, and can transport and launch up to five infantry out of its passenger compartment via mancannon.
Sickle Armed with three independent machine gun turrets, Sickles can mow down infantry with ease, in addition to being able to flea jump over terrain obstacles.
Myeche MML Track An amphibious light artillery track that slows and suppresses enemies, the Myeche can also fire off a barrage of highly visible naval mines.
Thresher Battle Walker Quick moving anti-tank walkers, Threshers have two independent 50mm guns effective against light vehicles, and can also trade speed and the 50mm guns to deploy a 75mm anti-tank gun more effective against tank grade armour.
Vampire Leech Walker Armed with a leech beam, Vampires can leech enemy vehicles, draining them of their health while repairing friendly vehicles within its radius of effect.
Alkonost Propaganda Walker Slow moving and with little health, this spindly walker’s propaganda has a slowly-increasing debilitating effect on enemies within its area of effect. Alkonosts can also touch off assaults with their Psych Up ability, which increases the speed and ferocity of nearby units but lowers their defence with every use. A commissar can be placed into an Alkonost, which allows it to be used to give tanks and combat walkers a horde bonus similarly to infantry.
Perun Tank Destroyer Slow to move and set up, vulnerable to infantry, and with little health, the Perun is nonetheless devastating against tanks once deployed. Even if it fails to destroy a tank in the first shot, its Tesla rounds ensure that its target will be temporarily disabled.
IconSoviet.png Katyusha Truck A simple and relatively cheap tactical artillery piece, the long set up time, reloading delay, and relatively short range of the Katyusha compared to the V4 are made up for with speed, area of effect, and the ability to buy two for every V4 in service. Saturating an enemy base or defensive line with rockets is one of the fastest ways to bring a battle to conclusion.
MCV Amphibious and large enough to crush smaller vehicles, the Soviet MCV can deploy into a Construction Yard, allowing it to construct buildings and defences.

Tanks[edit | edit source]

Pincer ICV With a moderate balance of armour and speed as well as a pair of heavy machine guns, the latest model of the Pincer acts as a transport and anti-infantry vehicle for the tank tree.
Anvil Heavy Tank An outmoded relic of WWII, the Anvil still has its heavy armour and is effective against lighter vehicles. In addition, it can transport two infantry on its sides, who can fire out.
Flak Traktor A fast moving light tank armed with a large flak cannon, the Flak Traktor is great against planes and light vehicles, and can use its speed boost to get behind larger vehicles.
Hammer Tank With a 85mm cannon and leech beam, the Hammer tank is capable of cracking other tanks open or ripping weapons from unlucky vehicles.
Scythe A nasty, six legged walker with six nasty machine guns for all round anti-infantry devastation, the Scythe can also charge enemy vehicles and flip them over!
Mag-Lift Tank A support tank equipped with a magnetic harpoon, the Mag-Lift Tank can switch between pulling enemy vehicles towards the guns of your tanks and lifting them up into the air for your AA to destroy.
Flaming Ivan A powerful and flexible siege tank, the Ivan can go from rolling assault gun to support mortar with a click of its secondary. In assault gun mode, it specialises in destroying defences with each ringing blast of its massive cannon, while in mortar mode it specialises in clearing garrisoned buildings and creating firestorms with its oversized molotovs.
Apocalypse Tank A costly and massive tank without equal, the Apocalypse’s superheavy armour can absorb countless hits while it cracks open tanks with its Drakons or drags them into its grinder treads with its magnetic harpoon.
V4 Rocket Launcher The V4 Rocket Launcher can devastate bases with splash damage dealing rockets, or switch to firing powerful anti-infantry desolator warheads.
Scrapper Tank This tank acts as mobile cover for the Soviets, being nigh-indestructible from the front but very vulnerable from the sides and back. If it moves into close quarters, it can send enemies flying with a slam from its prow. It can also lay down Terror Drones as mines, which spring out to disembowel the nearest armoured vehicle.
IconSoviet.png Elephant Tank This WWII superheavy tank acts as the Soviet VIP, and can switch between dual 280mm cannons that can smash other tanks with ease and Katyusha rockets best used for swatting smaller, peskier enemies.

Drones[edit | edit source]

Terror Drone The Terror Drone costs less than it used to, but can no longer attack infantry. It can still scout and swim, and is still a terror where it comes to ripping tanks apart from the inside out or halting their movement with the Electrostasis Ray.
Phobia Drone A bulkier cousin of the Terror Drone, this drone sacrifices speed and the stasis ray for more armour and the ability to dig in and jump into passing enemy units from below.
Toxin Drone When this drone jumps into a vehicle, it damages them slowly, while leaving a trail of toxins behind it. It can also use a toxic sprayer to attack unfortunate infantry. Should the drone explode, a large cloud of chemicals will come up and damage everything it comes into contact with while moving around randomly.
IconSoviet.png Crisis Drone This drone sacrifices itself to heal other units when no other means of repair are available. It also specialises in defusing and scavenging; it can convert mines to your side, defuse bombs, capture husks, and so forth. It can also disable the weapons of enemy vehicles by jumping into them.
Tesla Drone Turning most of its weight to capacitors, the Tesla Drone can turn an enemy vehicle into a tesla coil, causing arcs of electricity to leap out and disable enemy buildings and vehicles. It can also use a siphon to power down enemy buildings. While at sea, the Tesla Drone electrifies the water surrounding it, damaging enemies that come too near.
Laika Drone A modified satellite drone, the Laika Drone acts as a specialized information and detection drone. Flying far above the battlefield, it is effectively invisible to enemy sight and detection. By dropping to the ground, it is easily seen, but it iself capable of detecting stealthed units.

Aircraft[edit | edit source]

Twinblade Armed with machine guns good against helicopters and infantry and rockets that can devastate fortifications, the Twinblade can also transport five infantry or a single vehicle. Note that they cannot carry Apocalypse tanks and won’t use rockets while transporting units.
MiG Fighter These cheaply produced air superiority fighters launch air-to-air missiles at other targets and can also engage their afterburners to return to base.
YaK Dive Bomber The YaK’s machine guns are the bane of infantry, and it can drop a chemical bomb to poison an area and deny it to the enemy. Note that the bomb must be rearmed at the airfield, though it never needs to worry about ammunition for its guns.
Shturmovik Attack Plane Armed with an anti-tank howitzer, the Shturmovik can also fire off all its rounds in a sweeping attack, though this expends all its rounds, forcing it to return to base to reload.
Barrage Balloon The Barrage Balloon’s three Gatling cannons let it fend off pesky aircraft, while its gastroburners allow it to increase its speed, though unlike the Kirov this doesn’t damage it.
Kirov Airship Massive zeppelins that can bomb surface targets into oblivion, Kirovs can also activate their gastroburners to increase their speed at the cost of slowly damaging themselves.
IconSoviet.png Zhukov War Zeppelin A slow, twin hulled zeppelin meant to destroy other zeppelins, the Zhukov uses its massive anti aircraft guns and LaGG-68 attack planes to bring down other heavy aircraft, though it suffers against small, fast, targets. Like other Soviet airships, it is equipped with gastroburners which slowly damage it when activated.

Watercraft[edit | edit source]

Stingray Stingray strike craft excel at frying infantry and vehicles on both land and sea, and can also discharge electricity all around it while on water.
Akula Sub Lurking below the seas and surfacing only to fire, Akulas launch their deadly anti ship torpedoes one at a time. They can also launch a pair of unguided supercavitating torpedoes, which travel in a straight line until they hit something.
Orca Lander A slow submarine with little armour, the Orca Lander has the ability to crawl onto land and carry up to five vehicles. It is armed with a Desolator cannon, letting it clear beachheads of infantry.
Manta Ekranoplan Able to switch between a pair of flak turrets and a depth charge launcher, the Manta Ekranoplan is effective against aircraft and submarines.
Potemkin Warship With four massive guns and large reserves of health, the Potemkin Warship can decimate enemy vessels in direct combat, and can also use its magnetic harpoon to lock a ship in place while letting the very slow Potemkin close in.
Dreadnought Dreadnoughts use their three V4 launch tubes to bombard enemy buildings from long range, and can also increase their rate of fire at the cost of slowly damaging themselves.
IconSoviet.png Hammerhead Ballistic Sub These ballistic submarines carry V5 missiles, long ranged tracking missiles that detonate into massive firestorms that can destroy multiple vehicles. However, the missile is ineffective against structures, and the Hammerhead must return to base to rearm when it has expended all five of its missiles.

Secret Protocols[edit | edit source]

A list of protocols used by the Soviets. Those are tied to non-production structures. How they upgrade is not decided yet.

Reactor[edit source]

Terror Drone Surprise Infect an enemy vehicle with a Terror Drone. Terror Drone will pop out after enemy unit is destroyed.

Telescreen Tower[edit source]

For the Motherland! A zone is designated, all friendly units outside that zone gain a speed boost and a firepower debuff and all units inside the zone gain the opposite effects.
Concrete Glider Heavy gliders fly over the battlefield to the target designation, damaging whatever they land on. Beware of enemy anti-air weapons. Contains Spetsnaz infantry and T-64R Microhammer tanks.
Desolator Airstrike One or more Badger bombers fly over the designated area and unleash Desolator Defoliant.
Propaganda War A Badger Bomber flies over the targeted area, dropping propaganda leaflets that boost morale and stats of your troops while decreasing the morale and stats of your enemies. Upgradable.

Super Reactor[edit source]

Overcharged Capacitors All surface-based Tesla weapons in the designated area gain an absurd firepower bonus but take damage during the duration of this protocol.
Magnetic Singularity A magnetic field is established, drawing in units to its center. An ideal partner to the Magnetic Satellite, it also kills the infantry it touches.
Magnetic Satellite A magnetic field from a satellite pulls enemy armoured units into orbit. It can be moved around just like a unit, but lasts only a short while. Higher levels pull bigger units up and last longer.
Tesla Mines Invisible mines with EMP effects are dropped at the targeted area. Those mines can hurt infantry but not much, and after some time their batteries run out, rendering them useless.

Battle Lab[edit source]

Catalyst Missile A missile with a special agent hits the area where Desolator Defoilant should be spread and invokes a chemical reaction resulting in the explosion of the defoilant.
Orbital Drop A multitude of old Soviet space equipment and everything pulled up by Magnetic Satellites is thrown from orbit at the designated area.
Sputnik Drop An unfortunate Sputnik is thrown at the targeted area and deploys into an Outpost upon contact.
Space Marines Soviet special forces rain down at the targeted area via drop pods from space. Includes Conscriptnaughts and at later levels Lunokhod tanks.

Industrial Plant[edit source]

Means of Production Target an enemy War Factory. Said War Factory gets shut down and at the same time the user of the protocol gains a bonus for his own production.
Scrap Drive Help from the local populance! Target a civilian structure and the inhabitants give you all kinds of metal goods they do not need anymore, thus giving you valuable material in effect. This damages those structures.

Iron Curtain[edit source]

Super Wall All friendly walls and wall objects (such as Gates) become invulnerable for the duration of this protocol.

Soviet Union Red Army

Italics designate Paradox-Exclusive units and structures.

Infantry War BearConscriptFlak TrooperGrenadierCombat EngineerTesla TrooperSoviet SniperCommissarChemical TrooperGagarin X BattlesuitNatashaSpetsnazConscriptnaught
Vehicles MCVOre CollectorSputnikDump TruckBullfrogSickleMyeche MML TrackThresher Battle WalkerVampire Leech WalkerAlkonost Propaganda WalkerPerun Tank DestroyerKatyusha Truck
Tanks Pincer ICVAnvil Heavy TankFlak TraktorHammer TankScytheMag-Lift TankFlaming IvanApocalypse TankV4 Rocket LauncherScrapper TankElephant Tank
Drones Terror DronePhobia DroneToxin DroneCrisis DroneTesla DroneLaika Drone
Aircraft MiG FighterTwinbladeYaK Dive BomberShturmovik Attack PlaneBarrage BalloonKirov AirshipZhukov War Zeppelin
Watercraft StingrayAkula SubOrca LanderManta EkranoplanPotemkin WarshipDreadnoughtHammerhead Ballistic Sub
Structures Construction YardReactorBarracksSmelterTank FactoryVehicle FactoryAirfieldNaval YardSuper ReactorBattle LabIndustrial PlantTelescreen TowerCrusher CraneOutpostIron CurtainVacuum Imploder
Defences BunkerBrick WallFortificationsSecurity GateSentry GunFlak CannonTesla CoilDesolator TowerDrone KennelSledgehammer Disappearing Artillery
Protocols Soviet Protocols
Terror Drone SurpriseFor the Motherland!Concrete GliderDesolator AirstrikePropaganda WarOvercharged CapacitorsMagnetic SingularityMagnetic SatelliteTesla MinesCatalyst MissileOrbital DropSputnik DropSpace MarinesMeans of ProductionScrap DriveSuper Wall
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