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Singularity Tower
Allied SingularityHubIngame
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Building Type Base Defence
Function Draws in enemy fire
Cost 1600
Construction Time 0:10
Power -50
Constructs -
Dev. Status In-game
Country of Origin  Spainthumb Spain
Produced by  Barricadas y Muros, Madrid
Key Features  » Concrete Layers
 » Extra Iron Cover
 » "Black Hole" Mechanism
 » Stylish Design
 » Automatic Graffiti Cleaner

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Black Hole, Son: From water to land, the Singularity Tower comes from the Assault Destroyer's gravametric generator, translated into a static defensive structure, built to absorb damage and save the rest of the base.
  • Singular Purpose: However, the tower has no offensive capabilities, and even with a dedicated team of engineers repairing the structure, with concentrated fire the tower will fall.

Background Edit

The Assault Destroyer is the Allies primary method of keeping control of the seas and coastlands of their territories, but a savvy commander knows the true value of the destroyer isn't it's heavy cannon, but is instead the gravametric field generator. Combined with the heavy armor of the assault destroyer, survivability of other ships has skyrocketed thanks to the "black hole" generator.

So, when the Allies reviewed their losses of defensive structures and personnel, they realized efforts needed to be made to suppliment their static defenses with a similar system. Looking to scale-up the generator, Allied scientists found some small issues with the scale, until they realized that the mechanics of the assault destroyer's antenna restricted the system from projecting across a wider area. So, Allied scientists looked to a new generator. They looked to their Defence Bureau for answers, and saw it spinning right in their faces.

Layered with heavy metal composites and equipped with the largest versions of the gravametric generators, the new Singularity towers are out of testing and are ready to defend Allied bases from being wiped out before they can fire a third volley.

Singularity Tower
Fire Magnet(300)
Cost 1600
Build Time 0:10
Health 300
Power -50
Armour Type Bulkhead
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