Sensory Deprivation
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Stealth detection neutralisation
Brief Temporarily disables stealth detection on units in the target area.

Status Report: Operation TENEBROUS PYRE

Reporting Officer: Agent BANE SIDHE

Operational Objective: Long-term infiltration of Confederate Revolutionaries

Local Objective: Technological analysis

Target UPSILON complete. MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, was taken by Confederate military forces using unknown methods to subvert perimeter sensors, attack dog patrols, and other methods of detecting infiltrating hostiles. Methods now known. Rebels deem it the "feather pillow bomb." Suspicions of electromagnetic or nanotechnological attack justified but inaccurate. Fragmented report from base of incoming missile accurate.

Allied surveillance systems include a diverse range of detection methods, from chemical detection to telescopic cameras. Belief that no form of attack could simultaneously nullify all surveillance methods correct. Confederate solution: multiple forms of attack deployed simultaneously in the same area. A three-stage warhead is launched via subterranean "mole mortar" to target area, rendering the attack undetectable unless aerial view detects small burst of subterranean origin. Stage one: gaseous soporific that severely impairs biological and artificial forms of chemical detection (i.e. senses of smell). Stage two: "glitter bomb" of ultrareflective particles that fills all optical detectors with glare, rendering them incapable of accurate surveillance (how this fools cameras outside the visible light spectrum is not yet known). Stage three: low-level electromagnetic pulse, disrupting other low-priority electronic systems, likely to counter, for example, Imperial sonic detection grids.

Conclusion: Confederate Revolutionaries now possess ultra-low visibility attack to temporarily blind advanced surveillance devices.

IconRebs Sensory Deprivation Stealth detecting units in the area of effect temporarily lose their stealth detection ability.
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