Seismograph Sabotage
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Deceit Power
Brief Fake EVA warnings about a resonance attack to confound the enemy.

"Would a scientist lie?"

- Allied officer

With the addition of the resonance jackhammer to the Confederate arsenal, Allied command decided that the only way to have any chance of forewarning was to second the USGS to peacekeeper operations, a move that many USGS scientists protested as a civilian agency. Despite their protests, the Allies offered generous compensation to those who would stay. While some defected to the Confederates, others stayed with their positions for a more creative purpose.

When contacted by their fellows in the Confederacy, these scientists will alert Allied command to a "possible" resonance attack. Due to the oft-shaky footing by which possible earthquakes are reported, the Allies have yet to catch on, giving the Confederates one more trick in their bag.

Seismograph Sabotage EVA warning about a (fake) Resonance Jackhammer activation to distract the enemy.
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