Berlin. Right in the Center of Europe. Lifeline for the allies supply lines. And the few Remaining strongholds for the Allies. The Soviets were Charging Right at Berlin. Having been pushed back by the allies before, they would not repeat the same mistake from before. This time they would take the city and HOLD IT no matter the cost. This lead to a return of Stalin's Order #227: NOT ONE STEP BACK. The Soviets were massing piles upon piles of men, equipment and everything else for the attack. Without berlin in allied hands the Soviets would be able to push on to Paris and even Great Britain itself France, England and Germany Were the last remaining Strongholds on mainland Europe. With eastern Germany conquered, the German government was forced to flee and destroy everything that couldn't be taken with them and to prevent falling into Soviet hands to use against them. The Soviets Launched wave after wave at the city. Many a allied and German soldier defended to the last, but it was all in vain berlin fell and with it the hopes of keeping the Soviets back. This would pave the way for the Invasion of France and the Blitz on London and all England itself.

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