The Second Battle of Berlin was a battle that both the Allies and the Soviets saw coming a long time. The soviets had the city in a iron grip and they weren't about to give it up without a fight from the Allies. The Allies were making preparations to retake the city. However among the Allied soldiers were Americans most of them conscripted from the United States. These men were displeased with what the Allies were doing. This displeasure was also growing back in the States. However that was for later, right now the Allies and the Soviets in Berlin. The battle began with an Allied bombing and Athena Artillery strike on the city... or what was left of it anyway. The city was so fought over that much of it was just rubble, much like Eastern and Central Europe was when the war began with the Soviets. However, the city was still "Technically" there, but the only thing that was there was the city was the berlin wall. This was constructed by the Allies to keep the Soviets out as a defensive position. Now the Soviets were using the wall the keep the Allies out. However this was not to pass, the Allies know it's entrances and exits and also it's weak points. So when the Allies began their attack on the city they hit the weak points with full force. No Soviet was spared from this, since this was coming from Germans and much of the Eastern Europeans that the Soviets had forced into the Red Army. The city was now firmly back in Allied hands, But every Americans that served was killed and when news of it reached back to the United States, the citizens were in an uproar and demanded that they lift the draft on the United States immediately. But when the Empire of the Rising Sun came in to play on the world stage and into the war. The Allies and the Soviets signed a Truce/Alliance with them. Until the Empire of the Rising Sun was Vanquished, the Allied Soviet was put on hold. This didn't set well with the American Government and the People as well.

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