Scrap Drive
Faction SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union
Function Monetary Power
Brief The local population shows it's loyalty to the cause of socialism, giving whatever they can to the local field commander.

Despite the best efforts of the Allied Nations, Imperial National Police, Mediterranean Syndicate "security" forces and others, the idea of communism, of all men held equal and all property shared continues to flow through the world. Though many are forced to hide their beliefs, when Soviet forces appear in the area, some of these believers will contribute whatever they can to their comrades in arms. Some decided to inform on enemy movements. Others take up the banner and join the Soviet military. The majority simply give what they can.

Urged on by commissars in the field, civilians sympathetic to the Soviet Union donate as much metal as they can, sometimes taking the wiring from their walls. Others are less sympathetic, but that's never stopped the Union before. In exchange, these civilians are given vouchers to redeem for Soviet rubles, though few manage to redeem such vouchers as their new lives of factory work are not what they are used to. Despite this, these civilians boost the material of the Red Army, though their former homes are often heavily damaged in the process. Soviet command sees this as a moot point, as the buildings can be rebuilt once the fighting is finished.

Scrap Drive A civilian structure takes some damage, giving you X credits.
Scrap Collection A civilian structure takes moderate damage, giving you X credits.
IconSoviet Scrap Overflow A civilian structure takes heavy damage, giving you X credits.
Soviet Union Red Army

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