Saturation Fire
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Function Attack Power
Brief NVA field guns barrage the targeted area with high explosive shells

The Soviet Union's adoption of rocket-based artillery systems during the Second World War has led to the marginalisation of its more conventional gun-based artillery. Between the long range and accuracy of tactical ballistic missile systems and the sheer destructive barrages that multiple rocket launch systems could provide, it was believed after the Second World War that there was no longer any need for the capability of field guns and howitzers.

While thinking in the Red Army has changed since then, this led to the Soviet Union decommissioning a large number of its gun-based artillery pieces not long after World War II's end. In order to dispose of these artillery pieces, the Soviet Union sold them off at extremely low prices to fellow communist nations. Among the beneficaries of this bounty was North Vietnam, which not long after its formation came into the possession of a large number of howitzers, heavy field guns, and other artillery pieces.

Though considered obsolete by the Soviet Union, these guns proved to still possess considerable destructive capability, as proved to South Vietnam's detriment during the Vietnam War. Though the towed field guns and howitizers of the NVA lacked the mobility of self propelled artillery like the Husky or the Eclipse, this didn't stop batteries of such guns from being able to flatten entire ARVN bases.

When the Allies arrived in force and launched a counter-attack, a good number of these artillery pieces were destroyed by airstrikes or had to be abandoned in the NVA's hasty retreat. Despite this, the North Vietnamese still possess a sizable number of these guns, and use them to good effect. Vietcong or NVA spotters will often relay the coordinates of a forward outpost or military force to a battery of these guns, which will then proceed to saturate the area with a devastating barrage of high explosives.

60px Saturation Fire Heavy NVA field guns over the DMZ fire a sustained barrage in the general vicinity of the target area, destroying everything in the area and leaving it a cratered ruin. Recharges every 3 minutes.

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