Rejected, but not forgotten

This article (Sapper), is about a unit, building or other aspect that has been cut or changed significantly in the game or lore.

Still, lore is a terrible thing to waste, so instead of deleting it, Team Paradox decided to preserve it for all to see. It is, of course, not canon, and not applicable for the game.

(Minor) faction(s) TalonLogoThumb Order of the Talon
Type Infantry
Designation Anti-Surface Melee/Suicide
Mod Relevance Cut content
Country of Origin  Palestine
Trained at
 Steam Cathedral of Agnus Dei, Jaffa
Key Features  » Several different types of explosives
 » Several more kinds of explosives
 » Lord's Prayer tattoo
 » Big red button on trigger (Connected to all explosives on body)
 » One last extra kind of explosive

"And here's a little something to go with your cake."

- Sapper

The Fanatics are an important (though unwanted) part of the Order's army. One cannot deny the advantage of having someone completely and utterly devoted to one's cause, without question. However, some Fanatics have taken their devotion to wild extremes. These bomb-toting disciples, known in the ranks as Sappers, skirt death daily with their copious use of explosives, and think nothing of hurling themselves and every bomb they own in the enemy's direction, destroying everything in the area in a brilliant explosion.

The more self-conscious Sappers have survived to be feared in the eyes of their enemies. The elite among the Sappers have planted thousands of explosives, seen the enemy destroyed hundreds of times. If anything, these wearying experiences make them "more" ready to press the big red button on a trigger to sacrifice themselves in a massive blast that detonates all of the explosives on their bodies. In one very suppressed story, a Talon vicar found a note outside one Sapper's door, apparently a prayer for forgiveness. There was nothing inside the room but ash and scorch marks.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Sappers were "Pioneers" in Medieval Warfare using mining to destablising Fortresses in Sieges.

Order of the Talon Eternal Crusade

Paradox-Exclusive Faction.

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