Sanctuary Clockwork Cart
Faction TalonLogoThumb Order of the Talon
Unit Type Truck
Designation Support
Prerequisites Reliquary
Secondary Ability Switch Repair/Aggressive Mode
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Veterancy Upgrade(s) Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  Various Monasteries
Forged by  Aperta Scriptum Holy Forges
Key Features  » Multiple "Halo" automated drones
 » In-field fabrication apparatus
 » "Garret & Sons" traction engine (re-fitted)
 » Magnesium-flare spotlights (one per drone)
 » Wallpaper of grinning craftsman

"For every tool, a place. For every machine, a purpose."

- Sanctuary Driver

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Land carrier: Sanctuary carts are uniquely passive units - the vehicles themselves do nothing, and rely entirely on their drones, which cannot be targeted. However, Sanctuaries are fragile units, and their drones will crash if deprived of an operator.
  • Repairing duty: In repair mode, Sanctuary drones automatically seek out and repair damaged war machines in a considerable radius, allowing it to keep your forces. Additionally, while it is not the Order's only unit capable of repairs, it can service multiple vehicles simultaneously, and is fully amphibious.
  • Don't look Directly at It: In aggressive mode, the operatures turning magnesium spotlights lights to bear on their targets. While the lights won't actually injure anybody, they will blind and disorient enemies, reducing their capacity to fight.
  • Not a sanctuary: Sanctuaries by themselves are unarmed, and are poorly armoured, so an intelligent adversary will try to target them as quickly as possible. The carts themselves can't directly defend themselves if attacked.

Background Edit

Although the core of The Order is small in number, the Talon employ many thousands of individuals across the globe, not all of which are fully aware of the exact nature of their employers. Instead they are hired and indoctrinated into the order by a large variety of spurious front-organisations, and may go their entire live without finding out who is truly in charge. One of the more common types of front organisation is the monastery of a closed order.

It would be startling to an investigator just how many of the world's monasteries are supported and operated by The Order. Although the vast majority of workers and monks of such a monastery would be completely unaware of their institution's true purpose, a small number of senior priests and deacons would be working for the Talon. Such monasteries often conceal hidden rooms and extensive caverns beneath them, often filled with Clockwork computing equipment and Inquisitorial intelligence gathering staff.

Such monasteries have always been part of the enormous logistical and supply operation has been required to maintain the Talon's crusades. In times past, they would support The Order by sending horse drawn carts, laden with supplies to provide sanctuary and succour to weary crusaders. However, with the advent of Steam power, horses were replaced with traction engines, and the Talon has seen little need to modernise since.

In modern times, the most visible aspect of the supply operation and logistics operation, is the Sanctuary Cart. Towed by a traction engine, the cart has been fitted out with a number of clockwork drones. These small devices, powered by a Talon Steel spring, hover by means of an aerial screw, and have an intricate series of punch-card tapes, and gear-work systems that allow them identify and carry out simple repair opportunities. They have been released in battle on numerous past occasions to repair damaged Talon vehicles.

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