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Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Support Power
Brief Enemy vehicles malfunction at the best times

"Do you know what you're doing?"

"No, but I know they won't be able to fix it."

- Delta Ranger and Thief during a sabotage operation

Despite the success of Operation: Beatdown, the Confederates still have a struggle when Allied vehicles come to bear. Even when Allied munitions aren't at their best, their vehicles still present a threat to Confederate operations, especially when those vehicles have a chance of taking down the elite Confederate infantry. In these situations, nothing beats good old fashioned sabotage.

Usually, the sabotage takes place either in the Allied bases or SPAM module production facilities. Confederate saboteurs, usually experienced Delta Rangers and Thieves, but occasionally sympathizers from the local population working on the base, will make small "adjustments" to Allied vehicles. Usually, this means splicing a few wires to the wrong connections or putting a small amount of debris into the weapons that will clog the barrel in time. Sometimes, though, the entire base will wake up to see that their IFVs are missing their wheels and their aircraft can't lift off because of the missing turbines, allowing the Confederates to strike before the damage can be repaired.

Sabotage in the field isn't unheard of, but due to the constraints of modern combat, it often means a small number of vehicles can be targeted in any given battle. Often, the Confederates target vehicles either too heavily armored or fast to take out, vehicles that can turn the tide of battle in the enemy's favor.

Bad Wiring A single enemy vehicle stalls, though it can still fire.
Sugar in the Gas Tank X enemy vehicles are unable to move, but are still able to fire.
60px Where'd the Engine Go?! X enemy vehicles are unable to move, and unable to fire.
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