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This article (Royal Gong Tank), is about a unit, building or other aspect that has been cut or changed significantly in the game or lore.

Still, lore is a terrible thing to waste, so instead of deleting it, Team Paradox decided to preserve it for all to see. It is, of course, not canon, and not applicable for the game.

Royal Gong Tank
(Minor) faction(s) ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Type Tank
Designation Support
Mod Relevance Cut content
Country of Origin  China
Trained at
 Tai Hejin Armour Construction, Fuzhou
Key Features  » Active Phased Array Radar
 » On Board Logistic Computer
 » Four Reflective Shield Gongs
 » Ceramic Coated Chassis
 » All Terrain Treads

"Target locked, uncloak and fire on my mark..."

- Last words of a lone Mirage Tank on patrol at Johore Strait, Malaysia

After the Royalist Pacification of China, the Atomic Kingdom begun its outward expansion and its first steps on a planetary scale revenge. After the relatively swift take over of Hong Kong, the Chinese war machine diverted parts of its expansion force to South East Asia from the newly acquired ports in Hong Kong and begun its invasion of Burma. The Navy from Hong Kong and the Invasion Task Force moving through Burma and Thailand would perform a giant pincer move, and if successful would completely surround the Allied forces garrisoned in Vietnam.

However, there was an obstacle in the way of Atomic Kingdom's plan to conquer Southern Asia and that was the Island Fortress of Singapore at the Southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula. This threat, if not neutralized could potentially unravel the entire invasion. From this fortress' location, the Allies can resupply and reinforce the navy in the South Chinese Sea or launch an amphibious assault northward through Malaysia and push back the invasion force in Burma and Thailand.

This small island must be destroyed for the Kingdom's plan to come to fruition.

The First Battle of Singapore was very similar to the battle against the last Blue Chinese stronghold, the only difference being that the forces stationed at Singapore were the battle-hardened Allied Peacekeeper Division, not the Blue Chinese. These Allied forces managed to fight the Royalists into a bloody stalemate, due to the Allied technology's sheer weight of fire. The Viceroy soon realized that no matter how much forces he sent into the Allied wood chipper, the Royalists would fail to do any lasting damage due to their close combat reliance.

After the First Battle of Singapore the Viceroy quickly commissioned the Tai Hejin Armour Construction company to construct a support vehicle that can act as strong points in the advancing Royalist formations. The company, drawing its inspiration from the recently unveiled Planar Shields technology quickly came up with a design.

This support tank, dubbed the Royal Gong Tank due to the four round reflective shield generator on its chassis, utilizes an Active Phased Array Radar and an on-board logistic computer to detect and calculate the trajectory of incoming projectiles and activates the shield gongs on its chassis to effectively bounce the projectiles back at its attackers.

While an almost perfect design, the tank does suffer from a single draw back. Its atomic engine only have enough power to maintain its logistic computer and one gong shield. In desperate situations the Gong Tank can power down its computer and activate all of its shields but will begin to take damage from the violent overload of the Jade-powered engine.

With the new Royal Gong Tank and other new additions to its army, the Atomic Kingdom is now ready for the inevitable Second Battle of Singapore.

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