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Rocket Ranger
Rocket Rangers standing guard
Minor Faction ARVNLogoThumb Republic of Vietnam Ranger Forces
Other Faction(s) None
Unit Type Infantry
Designation Anti Tank/Anti Vehicle
Production Building ARVN Command Tent
Secondary Ability Swap Grenade Launcher/Rocket Launcher
Uses anti-light vehicle grenade launcher/Uses anti-tank rocket launcher
Cost $250
Production Time 0:05
Heroic Upgrade MM-2 grenade launcher and Javelin
• Doubles Rate of Fire
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  SouthVietnamthumb South Vietnam
Trained at  Ranger-Biêt Dông Training Centre, Saigon
Key Features  » PF60 "LAW" Disposable Rocket Launcher
 » M79 "Blooper" Grenade Launcher
 » Ballistic body armour vest
 » Flashlight (batteries not included)
 » Used FM radio

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Well Rounded: Rocket Rangers are excellent support infantry, utilizing both anti-tank and anti-vehicle weapons.
  • I Fought the Law...: The LAW, or Light Anti-Tank Weapon, is a high-powered disposable anti-tank weapon. Though it cannot hit aircraft, the rocket hits tanks very hard.
  • Speed is no Obstacle: The Rocket Ranger also packs a M79 grenade launcher, which is more useful against light vehicles.
  • Groundpounder: While most Rocket Rangers are comfortable with their existing equipment, some have gone for newer equipment, namely the Javelin missile launcher and MM-2 grenade launcher, both of which boast higher rates of fire. The MM-2 is simple enough, though the Javelin's complexity means that most Rocket Rangers have no idea how to use the anti air or spectrum targeting features.

Operational HistoryEdit

While World War III raged on elsewhere, the embattled South Vietnamese forces often found themselves facing massive onslaughts of NVA tanks. As armoured support was not always available for ARVN defenders, the need for an anti tank weapon in the hands of the infantryman was paramount, as position after position continued to be overrun by NVA armour.

In response, the ARVN began to issue a cheap, disposable anti-tank weapon, the LAW anti-tank rocket launcher. A collapsible, one-shot weapon with considerable power, it was originally developed and employed by mechanised units in Europe. The ARVN, looking for an effective anti tank weapon they could issue in bulk, quickly snapped LAWs when Allied units started switching to the Javelin. The LAW proved to fit the ARVN's requirements. As each launcher cost less than US$300 each, they could be issued en masse, while still managing to pack a powerful punch. Most specialists continue to use the LAW to this day, although a few have opted for more modern equipment such as the Javelin.

Due to the low cost, it is not uncommon for several members of a squad to carry these weapons, though actually firing them is deferred to specialists. In the case of the ARVN Rangers, these specialists are known as Rocket Rangers, soldiers who are experienced in the LAW's use. In addition to serving as the anti tank specialists of a Ranger squad, Rocket Rangers are also the ones who carry the squad's M79 "Blooper" grenade launcher, a break-open 40mm launcher capable of launching a variety of rounds. Their favourite is the M7X1 HE grenades, perfect against vehicles too fast to hit with the LAW.

Just the Stats Edit

Rocket Ranger

Cost 300
Build Time 0:05
Health 100
Speed 50
Armour Type Infantry
M79 Grenade Launcher
Range 180
RPS 1/2
Damage 20
Suppression 10
DPS 10
PF60 Rocket Launcher
Range 200
RPS 1/3
Damage 40
Suppression 5
DPS 13.3
Experience Levels
Default Kill Reward 150
Veteran 600
Kill Reward 300
Elite 1200
Kill Reward 600
Heroic 2400
Kill Reward 1200
Republic of Vietnam Ranger Forces

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