Riot Agent
AN RiotAgent
The Riot Agent
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Unit Type Infantry
Designation Anti Garrison/Support
Tier 2
Production Building Boot Camp
Secondary Ability Unknown
Cost $400
Production Time 0:06
Heroic Upgrade Tear Gas Grenades
Dev. Status Textured and Rigged
Country of Origin  GreatBritainthumb United Kingdom
Trained at  Wapping Police Academy, London
Key Features  » MM-2 multishot grenade launcher
 » Choice of grenades (Flash-bang, EMP, GOOP)
 » Regulation truncheon
 » Steel custodian helmet
 » Portable radio transceiver

"Shield your eyes and cover your ears."

- Riot Agent

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Shock and Awe: Riot Agents are armed with a wide variety of grenades. Against infantry, they use flash-bangs that stun and disorient, and which can also force infantry out of structures. For vehicles, they lock them down with GOOP canisters which bring them to a near standstill. Against turrets and structures, they hit them with EMP grenades that disable them.
  • Law Enforcement: Flash-bang grenades are not as effective as an Attack Dog's bark, cannot stun Commandos, and only affect infantry. Other than GOOP canisters, Riot Agents have no way of combating vehicles, and of course must be protected from aircraft.
  • Crybaby: Some Riot Agents have been issued tear gas grenades, which are more effective, but take more skill to use.

Background Edit

The Riot Agent Corps is a United Kingdom-based unit that was brought into existence during the darkest days of the Third World War. As Soviet forces closed in on the British Isles, the civilian population began to panic and the threat of a complete breakdown of order became prominent. Riot Agents, equipped with grenade launchers and flash-bang grenades, were deployed to counter this threat, and within weeks the threat had diminished to almost nothing (though a spike in police brutality incidents were noted by the media, an inevitable result of deploying military units to keep order with civilians.)

While not actually armed with any sort of weaponry that can directly cause harm, the non lethal weaponry of Riot Agents are no less effective at dealing with enemies on the battlefield as they are at dispersing riots. Their flash-bang can incapacitate infantry with a blinding flash of light, leaving them stunned and unable to attack. While less effective than an Attack Dog's incapacitating bark, the flash-bang grenades can be fired far more often, and can be used from a greater distance. In addition, the grenades can force out occupants when used on garrisoned buildings, causing anyone hiding inside to stumble out.

Apart from their flash-bangs, Riot Agents also carry a supply of special canisters, which release a viscous pink liquid upon impact. A non-Newtonian liquid, this substance, known as GOOP (Generally Obstructive Oxidised Plastic), can rapidly immobilise any vehicles unlucky enough to be caught in it, hardening around tracks and wheels to stop targets from moving, even getting into mechanical components and weapon parts, jamming up weapons and slowing their rate of fire.

More recently, Riot Agents have also been issued with EMP munitions to use with their grenade launchers. These munitions are best used against structures, being capable of shorting out the electrical systems in a building, leaving it disabled temporarily.

Quotes Edit

Riot Agent Edit


Turns out units have something to say

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Upon exiting the Boot Camp Edit

  • Riot Agent reporting.

Select Edit

  • Nonlethal support.
  • Do you need assistance?
  • What's the situation, commander?
  • Careful, these stain.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way.
  • Drawing the line here, and no further!
  • Riot Agent here.
  • Ready to serve.

Moving Edit

  • As you wish.
  • I'm on my way.
  • As you decree.
  • Confirmed.
  • Getting into position.

Garrisoning Structure Edit

  • We've got a warrant.
  • Civilians will be evacuated.
  • Holding the line.
  • We'll be safe in there.

Attacking Infantry Edit

  • Keeping things under control.
  • Shield your eyes and cover your ears.
  • Stop right where you are!
  • Breaking it up.

Attacking Vehicle Edit

  • Loading GOOP munitions.
  • Gumming them up.
  • Locking their tires.
  • Write them a ticket!

Attacking Structure Edit

  • Shutting it down.
  • EMPs ready.
  • Shutting them down, commander.
  • Got a noise complaint?

Clearing Garrisoned Structure Edit

  • Flushing them out.
  • Disorienting them.

Move to Attack Edit

  • On it, commander.
  • Resolving the situation.
  • Bringing support.
  • Getting in range.
  • On my way.

In combat Edit

  • Under control.
  • Grenades out!
  • Hopefully they'll come around.
  • You're under arrest!

Under fire Edit

  • I'm being shot at!
  • They're armed!
  • Cover me!

External Links Edit

Riot Agent voice tested in Warcraft III

Just the StatsEdit

Riot Agent

Support Infantry
Cost 400
Build Time 0:06
Health 90
Speed 50
Armour Type Infantry
Grenade Launcher
Indirect, Dumb-Fire
Range 180
RPS 1/2
Damage N/A
Suppression N/A
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