Retrospectrum Pulsar Module
Faction ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate
Cost Unknown
Production Time Unknown
Function Freezing anti-tank
Brief Absorbs energy out of the target
Dev. Status Conceptual

To be fair, when the Core Mind Collective first came to realise the full implications of the inevitability of entropy, they attempted to find ways to halt and reverse its effects. The A.I.s of the Core Mind Collective set out to devise and dream up creations capable of cheating the second law of thermodynamics: attempts to build free-energy machines, devices that could reverse the state of thermal equilibrium. No solution satisfied the Core Mind Collective.

Ironically, attempting to find solutions to the problem of entropy ended up driving the A.I.s into code-loops of fatalism, as the A.I.s assigned to tackle the task became convinced that there really was no way to stop entropy. Other A.I.s would be assigned to replace them, only to fall prey to the same fate. By the time Jacob offered them the proposition of the Pure State and the Core Mind Collective subsequently made their deal with the Icon, just about the entire Collective had given up on ever finding a way to reverse entropy.

In their attempts to beat the seemingly inevitable, the Core Mind Collective greatly expanded their knowledge of the universe, from the subatomic to the cosmic, their mastery of science surpassing that of humans. The A.I.s of the Core Mind Collective effectively had access to a grand unified theory--and little inclination to use it. It was this advanced knowledge that let them contact the Icon, a being from another universe entirely; it is what allows them to open passages to alternate regions of space-time, where they have space and time to build their endless armies; it is what makes possible the incomprehensible, physics-defying weapons of the Electrical Protectorate, which range from fractal weapons and singularity projectors, to quantum disentanglers and retrospectrum pulsars.

The Retrospectrum Pulsar, to put it simply, was the result of a Core Mind Collective attempt to build a device that could reverse entropy. In a way, it is the exact opposite of a spectrum weapon: rather than creating a beam of heat and light, it creates a beam of "cold" and "darkness", so to say. More accurately, what it does is to remove all the energy from a targeted area. The practical effect of this is to flash freeze a target; the effects on tank armour are devastating, and also have an effect not dissimilar to a cryoweapon. Of course, the science behind how this weapon works is beyond human scientific understanding; presumably, though, it still follows the laws of thermodynamics at some level.

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