Retreat Under Fire
Faction EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun
Function Support Power
Brief When the battle turns against you, sometimes you must turn away from the battle.

The Empire learned the hard way that fighting to the bitter end when retreat was possible is a bad strategy. When faced with a losing battle, the Allies would withdraw as quickly as possible, and even the Soviets knew that when the men being fielded was only balancing out the men dying, they would pull back and formulate a new plan involving more armour. The Empire, however, doggedly held the lands it had seized in the opening days of its invasion, losing thousands as casualties and POWs.

After the pyrrhic Battle of Tokyo, Emperor Kamina decided quickly that the Empire needed to teach its troops that living to fight for another chance at victory was better than dying in a losing battle. While this concept has been difficult to convey to both traditionalists and militarists, nevertheless soldiers in the field are trained to follow their orders, though they will only withdraw when their commander directly orders it.

IconEmpire Retreat All units gain a speed buff, as long as they are under fire.
Withdraw All units gain a speed buff, as long as they are under fire.
IconEmpire RUN AWAY! All units gain a speed buff, as long as they are under fire.
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