Reducts guarding a gate along with a Cryo Tower and a Grand Collider
Faction AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti Infantry
Cost 400
Construction Time 0:10
Power 0
Ability Various
Constructs -
Dev. Status In game
Country of Origin  Australiathumb Australia
Produced by  Towne-Travers Technologies, Perth
Key Features  » 12 gauge automatic shotgun
 » Modular electronics attachment
 » Composite concrete/steel shell
 » Escape hatch
 » Set of playing cards (for calm days)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Adapt to survive: Using a system adapted from that of the Multigunner Turret, the Reduct can customise itself with a large variety of add-ons which give it a range of useful support abilities.
  • Puntgun: The Reduct's main weapon is a 12 gauge automatic shotgun, designed to blow approaching infantry off their feet. It's a useful weapon to have around if one doesn't have any Multigunner Turrets garrisoned with the appropriate infantry.
  • Forward facing only: Do note that the Reduct has a limited 90 degree arc of fire, if a unit manages to flank it, the result is usually fatal if no other defences or units are nearby, especially since the Reduct is immobile.
  • Stopgap: The Reduct is designed to be a stopgap measure; it's cheap, but apart from the aforementioned weakness, it isn't much good against anything other than infantry without add-ons.


Where the Multigunner Turret forms a key part of Allied "network" style defence grids, capable of manned or remote operation with a wide variety of specialized attachments, the Reduct is more of a codified stopgap measure. Consisting of a reinforced concrete shell with composite steel plating inside and out to reduce fragmenting and spalling, the Reduct was designed with maximum survivability during intense combat in mind. Armed with a high powered, fully automatic belt fed shotgun on a recoil absorbing rail (referred to by troops as a "punt gun" after the oversized fowling gun) a Reduct can lay down an almost absurd amount of suppressive firepower out of its firing slit.

The Reduct concept began life as the pillboxes used extensively by Allied forces to fortify positions against Soviet attack, and the modern design shares many of its ancestor's features, including its sunken profile, narrow firing slits, and hexagonal shape. Unlike the pillbox, however, the Reduct has sacrificed a 360 degree firing arc in exchange for a much more accessible rear hatch, which makes escaping a compromised bunker much easier, especially under fire. Great care must be taken to ensure a Reduct position is not flanked, as it will be unable to retaliate and the enemy can attack its weaker bunker door.

While the Reduct was first being designed, it was noted that they would make an excellent bunker for field electronics such as radios, radar, and decryption devices. A robust modular slot, based on Multigunner turret technology but highly simplified, was incorporated into the top of the design. A call was put out to various contractors to design attachments, which created a large variety of modular weapons and utilities that could be employed.

Just the StatsEdit


Cost 400
Build Time 0:10
Health 300
Power 0
Armour Type Fortification
Punt Gun
Scattergun(5), Drops Off, Arc(180 front)
Range 215
Damage 25
Suppression 0
DPS 25

Add-Ons Edit

Radar Providing an extended sight range and early warning system, the Radar system uncovers a larger area of the fog of war to make monitoring the battlefield easier, as well as boosting the range of anti-air emplacements nearby. It's "Short Ranged Scan" ability can be targeted nearby to reveal suspected stealthed units. Available immediately, consumes 10 power.
GOOP Gun Adding a pair of compressed storage tanks and a sprayer turret, the GOOP attachment grants 360 degrees of foe-disrupting GOOP spray. Requires Barracks and 10 power.
Relay Gives the Reduct the ability to tier up in a similar manner to the Command Hub or Construction Yard, or to relay the tier up. Requires Refinery and 15 power.
Designator Arms the bunker with a spectrum designator not unlike the one on the Guardian. Does not stack with other spectrum target designators. Requires Armour Facility and 15 power.
Scramblegun This short ranged attachment knocks out either the guns or movement of enemy vehicles, with the secondary toggling between them. Requires Seaport and 20 power.
ATC Array Any airbase aircraft within the (quite large) radius of the ATC Array receives a substantial buff and slowly heals. Requires airbase and 15 power.
Prism Reflects and redirects Spectrum Tower shots in the same manner as a Spectrum Tower. Can be "charged" by a spectrum firing unit to create a high powered Prism turret. Requires Defense Bureau and 25 power.
Blackout Bomb When the secondary is activated, a powerful EMP system affixed to the Reduct initiates, disabling all vehicles and structures in range of the blast. Requires the Experimental Workshop and 25 power.
IconAllied Drone Rail The Drone Rail can launch Lampreys to disrupt enemy aircraft. Requires the Aeronautics Complex and 25 power.
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