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Red Alert 3 Paradox is a partial conversion mod project for Red Alert 3 being developed by Team Paradox and Infinity Realms Gaming. It features 5 new factions as well as additional units for the existing factions.

New Content Edit

New FactionsEdit

Red Alert 3 Paradox offers 5 new factions to choose from, each with different play styles, strengths and weaknesses.

  • ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries Sneaky, underhanded faction of American patriots making do with 15+ year old equipment. Extremely focused on use of explosive traps, stealth, and elite infantry. Deliberately irritating to play against.
    Strengths: Wide variety of ambush and delaying tactics, elite infantry, no tier system, very fast expansion, stealth focus.
    Weaknesses: Underperforming vehicles, locked build order, lack of heavy hitters, reliant on infantry in the early game.
  • TalonLogoThumb Order of the Talon Elite fighting units. Through use of flamers and other expensive weaponry, they easily outperform, though assembling a large force with them is easier said than done.
    Strength: Peerless teamwork, heavily reduced macro game, tough expansions.
    Weakness: Long build times and production bottleneck, units useless on their own.
  • ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China Extremely well armed army from a war-torn China bent on revenge on a worldwide scale. Extremely high powered weapons, but almost no armour whatsoever under their energy shielding. Focuses heavily on deployable defenses.
    Strengths: Huge variety of powerful turrets, high impact weapons, recharging shields, nigh-invunerable defenses, superior superweapons, widespread teleportation.
    Weaknesses: Non-existant armour, unit production bottleneck, massive reliance on power generation, short ranged units, tendancy to explode.
  • SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate FutureTech's sinister business rival. They are great at turtling with their defenses and the ability to garrison the Conyard.
    Strength: Great infantry and battlesuits, extremely long ranges, superpowered economy, excellent buff/debuff options, good at stealing from enemy.
    Weakness: Thin armour, light vehicles, difficult to manage bases, terrible base razing abilities, less effective as enemies get closer, many abilities cost money.
  • ProtectorateLogoThumb Electrical Protectorate A legion of overly-emotional robots bent on consuming the universe via a black hole. In order to use them to any effectiveness, it's important to spam EVERYTHING. Non-existent building times make up for a slow tech/tier system.
    Strength: Instant build times, dirt cheap units, decent damage, flexible weapons system, ability to recycle enemy and friendly losses, invalidates tranditional counters.
    Weakness: Unable to benefit from cover, do not gain experience, units have almost no health, economy dependant on destroying enemy assets, no base defenses, extremely vulnerable to area of effect weapons.

New UnitsEdit

In addition, the mod will be adding new units to the existing factions.

  • AlliedLogoThumb Allied Nations They are the same guys you know and love from Red Alert 3, though now they have more solid ground and sea support vehicles while maintaining unparalleled air superiority.
    Strength: Air dominance, split tech tree hard to predict, high impact weapons, good transport options, very powerful experimental tree.
    Weaknesses: High costs, very slow expansion, limited heavy options, below average armour, experimental tree fragile and unreliable.
  • SovietLogoThumb Soviet Union The Soviets are back and ready to defend their motherland with a complete new tank division.
    Strength: Powerful tanks and land vehicles, robust defensive lines, a tank for every situation.
    Weaknesses: Very slow, direct to a fault, little in the way of alternate tactics, tendency to damage self.
  • EmpireLogoThumb Empire of the Rising Sun Forced to sign a ceasefire with the Allied Nations, the Empire has decided to take it easy for a while and concentrate on developing the next generation of mecha.
    Strength: Abundance of amphibious options, very powerful late game, extreme speed focus, flexible transforming units, fast expanding.
    Weaknesses: Tendancy to soft-counter, fragile units, slow teching, best units not amphibious, late game prohibitably expensive.

Civilian stuffEdit

Every good Command and Conquer has civilians to order around or have fun with. The page Civilians may have more details.

Development Edit

Development began in January 2009. The first unit was added to the game in April 2009.

With the release of the art assets, the mod has been officially declared dead.

Official Releases Edit


Official Red Alert 3 Paradox Releases
Release Title Description Status ETA/Date Released Download Link
Achilles Minimod v1.0 While this isn't the official Paradox First Release (tm), it's the first time we've released content to the public. It contains the Aeronautics Complex (for constructing heavy aircraft) and the Achilles Superiority Fighter (for destroying ANY aircraft). Released August 9, 2009 Minimod 1.0
Achilles Minimod v2.0 Fixed the massive amount of bugs and added the Hawker for you to play around with. Released January 6, 2010 Minimod 2.0
Achilles Minimod v2.1 Includes a fix for the Hawker's "cloaking on airfield" bug and multiple balance changes. Released January 16, 2010 Minimod 2.1
Achilles Minimod v2.2 Comes with fixes for all known bugs specific to previous versions, directional armour, new locomotors, and a few small fixes to default RA3 units. Released January 24, 2010 Minimod 2.2
Release 1 Beta 0.9.0 The first beta to Release one, comes with a partially finished Confederate Revolutionaries faction, and updates the Allied Nations. Released July 4, 2010 Release 0.9.0
Release 1 Beta 0.9.1 An update to 0.9.0, including several fixes and new units. Released July 13, 2010 Release 0.9.1
Release 1 Beta 0.9.2 Included an extended Confederate and Allied faction, as well as the Imperial Auto Go and Soviet Anvil and Myeche. Released November 25, 2010 0.9.2
Release 1 Beta 0.9.21 Fixed some critical issues with 0.9.2. Was reissued(almost immediately after the correct release) because it was compiled improperly. Released December 3, 2010 0.9.21


Future Red Alert 3 Paradox Releases
Release Title Description Status Download Link
Release #1 Will contain the Confederate Revolutionaries faction, and updates the Allied Nations. In development - 85% N/A
Release #2 Will contain updates to the Soviet Union and Empire of the Rising Sun. In development - 10% N/A
Release #3 Will contain the Order of the Talon faction, and the Atomic Kingdom of China. Concept Stage N/A
Release #4 Will contain the Mediterranean Syndicate faction, and the Electrical Protectorate. Concept Stage N/A
Release #5 Will contain campaign missions. Concept Stage N/A


Cancelled Red Alert 3 Paradox Releases
Release Title Description Reason for Cancellation Date of Cancellation Original Scheduled Date of Release
Achilles Minimod v3.0 Originally planned contain the Auto Go, Myeche MML Track, and updates to the Hawker and Achilles. Minimod 3.0 was cancelled for a variety of reasons (technical issues, etc) but the Auto Go and possibly the Myeche will be present in Release 1 alongside the Allied and Confederate additions. It just doesn't seem fair that Allied air superiority gets such a massive boost while Japan still lacks proper T1 anti-air. May 15th, 2010 May 2010

Release Date Edit

See Paradox's Release Date.

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