AT-102 Railgun Auto-Turret
Faction SyndicateLogoThumb Mediterranean Syndicate
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti-Tank
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Unknown
Constructs -
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  USAthumb United States
Shipped by  Mako Ballistics, Seattle
Key Features  » "Denton Mk 3" Railgun
 » Sophisticated internal targeting computer
 » Supply of tungsten "nails"
 » Fragile base structure
 » Automatic "payment system" for electricity bills

Tactical Analysis Edit

  • Nine Inch Nails: The Syndicate Railgun Turret uses two electrically charged rails to propel a hardened tungsten "nail" towards a target. Vehicles stand no chance as the tungsten nails can strike right through multiple of them, damaging and destroying them all.
  • Accelerator: While the Railgun Turret has only minimal damage output on short ranges, its rails accelerate, doing more damage the further the target is away. It helps somewhat that the Railgun Turret has impressive range to begin with.
  • No Fly Zone: While useful versus all ground vehicles, the Railgun Turret's targeting systems cannot attack aerial targets; infantry pose too small targets to be hit effectively. The turret is also rather fragile and demands quite some power to operate, which is offset by its modest price.

Operational History Edit

"Mako Ballistics" is a United States based defence contractor and one of many firms owned by the Mediterranean Syndicate. While Mako Ballistics manufactures a variety of weapons, they are best known for their railgun technology. These weapons, while requiring high power input, have unmatched range, damage output, and accuracy.

Syndicate RailGun Design

The Mk. 3 model for the Denton Class Railgun.

When Legion Security put out a contract for a new anti vehicular defence system, Mako Ballistics was one of the first to respond. In tests, Mako's design bested all other contenders, offering superior range, firepower, and cost effectiveness. Their design consisted of an automated turret, similar in most respects to the Gyro Turret, but armed with a high velocity railgun for anti-vehicle work instead of the anti infantry gyrojet launcher of the Gyro Turret. The design was accepted and Mako got the multimillion dollar contract to produce these weapons.

Before a Railgun Turret can fire, it first needs to calculate various conditions in order to acquire an optimal targeting solution. This is done by an onboard targeting computer. When a targeting solution has been obtained, a tungsten penetrator rod, a so-called "nail" is electromagnetically accelerated to extremely high velocities. The "nail" can penetrate multiple targets thanks to its extremely high velocity. Also, the Railgun Turret boasts impressive range.

They are not without their disadvantages, however. To keep costs down, they have next to no armour, meaning that any foes that close within firing distance can destroy it. The targeting computer is unable to calculate firing solutions for aircraft, meaning that the Railgun Turret cannot hit airborne targets. Lastly, the Railgun Turret has an insatiable power demand and requires a constant flow of power to function. Should power be cut off, they will immediately shut down until power is re-established.

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