Radio Autoturret
Faction ChinaLogoThumb Atomic Kingdom of China
Building Type Base Defence
Function Anti Infantry
Cost Unknown
Construction Time Unknown
Power Consumption Unknown
Ability Switch to Passive Mode/Active Mode
Constructs -
Heroic Upgrade Unknown
Dev. Status Conceptual
Country of Origin  RoyalChinathumb China
Made by  Great Wall Duplicator Facilities
Key Features  » Miniaturized radio weaponry
 » Frequency dial
 » Parabolic dish
 » Recordings of crying newborns/nails on chalk
 » Earplugs (Useless)

Tactical AnalysisEdit

  • Pause Button: The most effective turret to use against infantry, the Radio Autoturret can position itself anywhere on the field to deploy. When it does, it automatically fires bursts of radio interference at the enemy to either make them freeze up in pain or disrupt the electronics of their vehicles.
  • Scan the Gamma Quadrant: By managing the pulses given off by the turret and "listening" for how long it takes for them to bounce back, the turret can provide early warning for friendly forces. This does, however, mean the turret also ceases being an effective at stopping enemy forces from moving.


The concept of mobile defenses fits perfectly with the Atomic Kingdom's method of securing and holding ground in slow, deliberate steps. These mobile turrets are the opposite of the ones used by the secretive Catholic order rumored to exist. Where those turrets are made to eventually be torn down and moved, the Chinese mobile turrets are designed to hold positions and support further expansions. Though rendered immobile by deployment, these turrets still support the Chinese advances and are vital pieces of their strategy.

The radio turret is one of the most basic turrets for this purpose. Built on a hoop-wheeled base designed to separate from the wheels on command, the turret is designed more for support than direct combat. The radio waves in the device are designed to either wrack a target with severe migraines, or cause malfunctions in a target vehicle's electronics/driver. As one of the first turrets put in place, it can also use it's radar gun in a more important capacity; it can bounce radio waves in a wide area to scout out what is before the advancing Kingdom forces, giving a commander time to prepare for the enemy long before they realize they're spotted.

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