Confederate RevolutionariesEdit

Radar Scan
Faction ConfederateLogoThumb Confederate Revolutionaries
Function Support Power
Brief A selected area is cleared of the fog of war for the Confederacy, also revealing any stealhed units in the area.

To know deception is to be aware of it. While Sun Tzu didn't say that, it's probably a tenet of war he said in some other way in his Art of War. So to be experts at stealth, the Confederates must know how to defeat it. Their dogs are the best in finding enemy infiltrators, but for sheer revelation the expert Confederate commander uses his radar. Using the same technologies the Allies had to monitor Soviet movements across Europe, the Confederates can now keep a watch out for incoming Allied attacks at all times.

Though they can only be called when the conditions are right, a targeted radar pulse on a chosen patch of land is able to give Confederate commanders a correct estimate of any enemy forces in the area. While the Allies aren't exactly the most quiet of forces, their inability to block being scanned has meant many assaults on Confederate positions are quickly defeated or can't even find their intended target.

The Confederates can also "acquire" new equipment to use off the Allies. Though it takes time to fully install the pieces and work out any kinks, these upgraded blasts often last longer and cover a wider area than previously.

Radar Scan A weak radar pulse reveals the target area.
Radar Observation A strong radar pulse reveals the target area.
60px Radar? Hardly Knew Her! A powerful radar pulse reveals the target area.
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ARVN RangersEdit

Radar Scan
Faction ARVNLogoThumb Republic of Vietnam Ranger Forces
Function Scouting Power
Brief A radar station at a nearby base performs a scan on an area of your choosing, clearing the fog of war and rendering all stealthed units visible.

While Vietnam is underdeveloped in many standards, especially since they don't participate in the Allied civilian cooperation programs, the Allied military has been quick at providing military technology to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, to keep them from being overrun by the North Vietnamese. This doesn't only include vehicles, guns and ammunition, but also some more advanced equipment. The most prominent example is the long range radar system that has been established in bases all across South Vietnam.

Assisted by Allied spy planes and even a few reconnaissance satellites, Vietnam is now one of the countries in the world with the most area covered by radar. Due to the fight against the Vietcong being spread throughout the whole country, and with the enemy being masters at stealth, such coverage is needed to track Vietcong movement throughout the jungle, as well as find openings to the Vietnamese tunnel system.

Because of the high demand, the radar sweeps switch their focus constantly, and would not keep an eye on the same area continuously. However, thanks to the high availability, any ARVN field base can request a radar sweep within a couple of hours, assisting the ARVN and its Rangers greatly in the struggle against the Vietcong.

ProtocolARVNRadarScan Radar Scan The ARVN scan an area of your choosing and reveal stealthed units in the area. Recharges every minute.
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